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The logistics industry is advancing due to the vast technological developments that have been introduced in the past few years. Your 3PL partner must be in tune with the latest logistics technology and be open to implement it readily.


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[INFOGRAPHIC] Comparing online food order deliveries in China and India
Indians are ordering food online more than ever. The only other market that’s growing as fast is China (It is exploding 🤯). Can our next-door neighbor tell us anything to help anticipate the future?
QSR Chains can NOW manage their delivery fleet in a few clicks
The food delivery ecosystem has changed tremendously. Quick Service Restaurants find it difficult to manage deliveries on their own. Until NOW — a service by Shadowfax.
Improving Lives with Every Delivery: A Success Story from a Driver-Cum-Owner (DCO) Partner
The company already had the biggest e-commerce and offline customers in the country across domains like retail, electronics, pharma and FMCG. It made sense for Shadowfax to add capacity by onboarding a whole new category of delivery vehicles itself.
#SmallBusinessTalk: How to build and grow a local delivery business in 2018
Online shopping has grown rapidly in the country and is expected to continue that growth. There simply hasn’t been a better time to run a delivery business
#TeamTalk: How we cultivate a ‘startup mentality’ at Shadowfax
The delivery time in e-commerce, for example, is shrinking from weeks to days to now hours. Kirana stores are merging with e-commerce channels to deliver orders sooner.
A short story on bridging the last mile of deliveries in India
We earlier wrote how the last mile of logistics in India is broken and how businesses suffer from last-mile blindness. We took some practical steps in the last few months to mend it.

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