Last Mile Logistics

Shadowfax spreads its WINGS to deliver happiness in more towns and cities
The latest program will sign up local delivery companies and kirana stores as partners to deliver food, grocery, e-commerce goods and medicines in deeper pockets of the country.
Future of Logistics: Deliveries will get cheaper, courtesy Micro-fulfilment!
Micro-fulfilment is an idea where Kirana stores can work as small-scale warehouses placed closer to the customers.
4 Ways to Cure “last mile blind”-ness in Same Day Deliveries
Today, it is critical to track the movement of products to and from the customer. Big players like Uber and Amazon are already using collaborative technologies to remove blind spots in their last mile delivery systems.
Comparing online food order deliveries in China and India
Indians are ordering food online more than ever. The only other market that’s growing as fast is China (It is exploding 🤯). Can our next-door neighbor tell us anything to help anticipate the future?
QSR Chains can now manage their delivery fleet in a few clicks
The food delivery ecosystem has changed tremendously. Quick Service Restaurants find it difficult to manage deliveries on their own. Until NOW — a service by Shadowfax.
Improving Lives with Every Delivery: A Success Story from a Driver-Cum-Owner (DCO) Partner
The company already had the biggest e-commerce and offline customers in the country across domains like retail, electronics, pharma and FMCG. It made sense for Shadowfax to add capacity by onboarding a whole new category of delivery vehicles itself.
Shadowfax Economy Express - Powering Premium Delivery At Pocket-Friendly Prices
Shadowfax economy express is a one-of-its-kind logistics offering meant for both businesses & individuals for reliable & low-cost deliveries.
Top four last-mile delivery trends to stay ahead in 2020
What are the top trends in the domain of last-mile logistics that are here to rule the roost, in 2020? Read more to find out.
Decrypting the mystery around hyperlocal deliveries
Everyone loves having orders delivered on time — it’s what makes us want to buy and sell more! Retailers have tried many methods to achieve fast deliveries: Central Warehousing, Dark Stores, etc.
Leveraging Kirana Stores for a Symbiotic Delivery Model
Shadowfax’s app enables Kiranas to leverage the existing network, technology, and assets in place in order to cater to the heightened demand during peak season.
Going the Whole Nine Yards with Last-Mile Delivery
Increasingly, companies are beginning to innovate last yard delivery by combining automation, technology, and technical expertise to tackle challenges this area faces.
Simplifying Last Mile Delivery through Innovative Tech for Partners
Did you know that most companies don’t consider their delivery partners as permanent employees but contractual workers, which means they might not receive any proper training and essential employee benefits such as insurance?
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