Shadowfax spreads its WINGS to deliver happiness in more towns and cities

Shadowfax spreads its WINGS to deliver happiness in more towns and cities

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We have earlier written about the broken last-mile in logistics. It also means that there are simply too many people involved in moving goods from point A to point B.

Any of those touch points goes wrong across the entire supply chain and spoils the customer experience right away. A whole lot of restaurants, retailers and online brands are delivering at people’s homes. They cannot afford an unreliable logistics network to deliver their products.

We looked at this gap in the market and decided to do something about it.

We are announcing a program, WINGS, for local delivery companies and kirana stores to be a part of Shadowfax’s network. You are well aware of the areas you are delivering in and maybe even have deep personal relationships with your customers. The WINGS program will essentially help you turn this strength into a solid money-making opportunity.

Here’s a quick way to describe how it works:

You can partner with Shadowfax if you have people to deliver goods. As a franchise, you decide whether you want to deliver food, groceries or ecommerce goods in an area you prefer. You can use Shadowfax’s technology for route planning and real-time tracking while delivering orders.

Shadowfax will bring in demand, which maybe even enough to double your business in 3 months. With a steady source of demand, you can focus on establishing deeper relationships with customers in your area and improving their experience.

400+ kirana stores have already signed up on the platform in the top 5 cities, and a few master partners are covering larger areas across entire states. More than 90% of our total partners ever signed up, continue to work with us. People simply enjoy working with us. If you’d like to join them, simply drop us a line here saying that you are interested.

Sign Up as Shadowfax’s WINGS because…

It is a high ‘flying’ business opportunity

The biggest reason why the program should make sense to you is that it means serious business. Shadowfax’s partners consistently make more money than their peers.

You can grow outside of the limitations of working with a single client, or even in a single vertical. Shadowfax’s central dashboard gives you access to orders from food, grocery, e-commerce. You can even manage the client interactions right inside the dashboard.

Also, our current partners mention that they love the opportunity to work across categories. Your staff and yourself can choose to deliver food, grocery, e-commerce goods as well as medicines. An opportunity to make deliveries across these categories is a learning experience for the delivery staff. The experience meaningfully engages them which means they are happy and less likely to switch jobs.

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It helps you run smarter operations

The platform already takes care of a number of operational problems automagically.

It gives you the tools you need to to hire, manage and retain your staff. You can run rider referral programs and incentivise people to bring in their friends and family to help your business. While hiring, you can run background checks and manage people’s documents using the app itself.

Once hired, it is easier to communicate and manage all your staff from within the app. You can also train and onboard new staff using the in-app Gurukul. Shadowfax can also effectively manage payouts for you.

Your staff can take advantage of Shadowfax’s advanced technology engine that can plan routes, monitor orders in real time and give you information on your team’s performance.

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More than 30,000 delivery partners have worked with Shadowfax in the last 3 years. This means that the system is really mature as far as urban logistics in India is concerned. By signing up as Shadowfax’s WINGS, you’ll have access to the exact same system our team use everyday to deliver goods seamlessly.

Steps to join

If you are convinced with what you read above, maybe you ask “How do I sign up”? Well, it’s fairly straightforward. You can let us know with an email that you are interested.

Once you have picked the kind of deliveries you want to do, and the areas you want to deliver in, our team asks you to submit the necessary KYC documents. You may have to make a security deposit if you choose delivery services of e-commerce shipments.

Then, our team will work with you to finalise the payout structure you’d like for your staff and get it configured. That is the last step after which you can start delivering.

Feel free to reach out to us in case you have a question.

We have had some Early Successes

We reached out to a few teams to see what they think of the program and explore opportunities to run pilot projects. Their responses were crucial to design the program and they have promptly signed up once we were ready. Here is why they did.

A team from Gujarat mentioned that they were extremely dependent on large e-commerce retailers for business. There was limited opportunity to choose the kind of goods they would deliver, or even the areas they would do that in. Second, if you couldn’t, or wouldn’t want to grow with the company in new areas, the retailers usually bring in larger partners in the name of consolidation and that would essentially mean lost business for the company.

Other teams we talked to had no way to oversee and manage their operations in real-time. They were not able to service large clients because of this inability. These businesses see value in Shadowfax’s tools and the best practices that come along with it to take their business to the next level.

We are working with 5 teams, of 20–30 people on average, who wish to serve several pockets in the state of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Agreements are in place and the program is being deployed in all but one of those places already.

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About Shadowfax’s Delivery Network

Delivery partners with Shadowfax are shipping 80,000+ orders daily across 1800 pin codes in the country. Shadowfax’s delivery network is extremely competent. In the last 3 years of operations, the partners have successfully completed 99%+ orders on time. The company has a 97% rate of success on its service level agreements with large marquee clients like McDonald’s, Dominos, Bigbasket, PayTM Mall, Amazon Prime, Flipkart.

The delivery network covers 70 Indian cities altogether. Out of them, Shadowfax directly builds and manages the network in the top 10 cities. For the rest of them, delivery partners and local delivery companies sign up as franchises to take care of the operations. Such partnerships help us reach deeper pockets of the Indian geography with the help of the people who know them best.

Sign up for the WINGS program and offer your customers an ever-increasing portfolio of products from brands and retailers across the country.

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