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All about franchise partnership

How does it work?
It is a seamless and swift process where delivery personnel of franchisee partners pick up shipments from our allocated points and deliver them to the customer's doorstep.
What we do?
Shadowfax not only distributes the e-commerce load, generates revenue & provides training and monitors the performance of the delivery partners of franchisee holders, franchisees are also provided with a training program and given access to our Employee Resource Planning portal.
What costs are incurred by the franchisee?
Having an effective tech infrastructure such as laptops, printers and delivery personnel are some facets that the franchisee has to possess.
Grow your business with Shadowfax
Channel the growth of India's leading logistics brand into your business with Shadowfax franchise partnership program
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Let’s set you up for success
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Team up as a franchisee with Shadowfax, and become a part of our strong network covering 500+ cities and over 7000 pin codes.
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An effective, hands-on training is provided to all franchise partners so they become a holistic part of the Shadowfax family
24 7 service
24/7 support
You can reach out to Shadowfax representatives at any point of the day.
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Access to APIs
Franchise partners will be given complete access to APIs which is our stronghold and makes logistics solutions seamless and affordable.

Become a franchise partner in 3 steps

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Step 01
Enter your name & contact details
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Step 02
Mention your address
Step 03
State the current clients you are working with.
Our partners love us
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I make good money to support my family. I can choose my work hours and work location that gives me flexibility to spend time with my family & friends
Shadowfax partner since 2016
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I love working at Shadowfax. Everyday comes with new challenges that helps me grow as a professional, and have loads of fun in the process!
Rishabh Nagori
Rahul Sharma
VP of Supply chain, Zomato
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For customers

Is Shadowfax open for business can I book my order with you?
Are there going to be delays in delivering my order?
What are the measures being taken to ensure our packages are safe?
How can I track my order?
Can my security guard or neighbour receive my shipment if I am not available?
What is Shadowfax doing to keep customers and employees safe?

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