Driving action delivering impact!

Since our inception in 2015, we have been committed to integrating social causes with our business model. Our mission to build a fast and reliable logistics network whilst empowering a million micro-entrepreneurs through technology is the driving force behind all that we do!

Fuelling growth to build a stronger nation

Since the very beginning, we have worked towards creating a fairer market place, be it creating opportunities through our platform or extending support to businesses of all sizes.
Innovation, transparency and accountability is our mantra!
Securing jobs & dreams
Creating job opportunities through innovative logistics strategies is the lifeblood of our business. Shadowfax is committed to expanding its 100k+ delivery partner network through extensive training and grooming of talent and opening avenues for rewarding careers. 
Bolstering economy
A prospering SME sector is at the core of a sustainable, inclusive, & thriving economy. We believe in supporting the growth of this sector through end-to-end, distributed, hyperlocal logistics at competitive prices that ensure faster deliveries & deeper market penetration. 
Delivering smiles across
Shadowfax’s aim is to connect the far-flung, remote areas of the country through an extensive & reliable logistics network. We aim to bridge the gap by extending our reach to the remotest corners, uniting India with unparalleled logistics connect & delivering a billion smiles across the map. 
A million micro-entrepreneurs
Playing a key role in entry level job creation by creating a dedicated 100k+ strong fleet of skilled delivery partners.
I make good money to support my family. I can choose my work hours and work location that gives me flexibility to spend time with my family & friends
Shadowfax partner since 2016
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I love working at Shadowfax. Everyday comes with new challenges that helps me grow as a professional, and have loads of fun in the process!
Rahul Sharma
VP of Supply chain, Zomato
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Highly specialised training
There is high driver turnover in this sector, with drivers moving acrossplatforms. Drivers, with skill sets developed through SF have the opportunityof being hired by large employers such as Amazon, Flipkart that offer a careerpath (at fulfilment centers, etc.) in addition to the upward mobility SF offers itsdrivers.
Highly specialised training
Driver payouts in SF are about 40% higher than their most recent jobs andcomparable options in delivery logistics since they have increased access todelivery opportunities and improved capacity utilization. SF also offers driversan option of collecting payouts on a weekly/ biweekly basis, which is notcommon in the unorganized last mile delivery market
Highly specialised training
Drivers can also opt to work part time by choosing to deliver orders duringcertain time slots. This provides them flexibility. helps in supplementing theirregular income.
Empowering SMEs
We have helped more than 7,500 businesses thrive through expert logistics advice, guidance, and unending support, fortifying India’s economic backbone. 
We started work with Shadowfax in 2018 and they provide excellent service for my company. We started with 15 cities but have scaled up to deliver our material in over 75 cities with their help, they have supported us beyond what we had expected. We deliver 120-150 orders everyday. I was amazed by the ease of integration and getting started it was so simple!
Bikram Sinha
Aardhya Electric Supply, Ranchi
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I love working at Shadowfax. Everyday comes with new challenges that helps me grow as a professional, and have loads of fun in the process!
Rahul Sharma
VP of Supply chain, Zomato
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Cheaper & wider product deliveries
With it's online to offline model, SF offers prices that are 30%40% cheaper
Creating a level playing field
By helping SMEs with an online presence provide the same level of service aslarge retailers, SF can help make these SMEs more competitive.
Wider uninhibited reach
Shadowfax helps SMEs to address evolving customer needs faster andincrease their access to markets in Tier II, III and IV cities by giving them theoption to deliver next day to customers. SF is currently in 80 cities in IndiaSocial Impact Content Model 4and is rapidly and actively increasing its geographic coverage – as of FY17,they were in 20 cities
CSR Health Impact Awards 2020
Shadowfax won The Silver Award in COVID Focused Community Support Category for working tirelessly to serve the community in these difficult times. Shadowfax went out of the way to step up and help the worst affected by COVID-19 by distributing essentials like groceries as well as supporting the delivery partner community in these trying times.

Lending a helping hand

Supporting individuals & communities through times of crisis, utilizing effective logistics fleet to deliver timely help.
Food & essential delivery
Partnered with NGOs for essential goods delivery pan-India 
Offered complete support to NGOs in form of transportation and delivery of dry rations, dry rations, female sanitary products, medicines, and other grocery essentials to the most vulnerable communities across the country covering cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi. This entire campaign was equivalent to 106 vehicle days, covering 7,394 kilometres, amounting to INR 180,250. 
Financial support
Teamed up with donation platform to help our delivery partners 
Ensuring financial help and compensation to deprived delivery partners during the current pandemic times. Shadowfax is helping them buy basic essentials, ration to feed their families, and survive sudden income losses. We have also offered complete logistic support to NGOs , free of cost,  that are working towards supplying relief materials & health kits to the needy. So far, we've raised INR 1,01,13,850 with the help of 57 donors and have supported 40,113 families.
Food & essential delivery
Lending full-fledged support to  Zomato Feeding India campaign
Shadowfax joined hands with Zomato for Feeding India campaign to ensure that vulnerable communities battling the pandemic were not left hungry. We volunteered to transport, distribute, and supply meals in areas across Bangalore, Mumbai, & Delhi - the complete logistics taken care of by us. Till April 2020, 2,50,000 ration kits were distributed in over 30 zones, which was equivalent to 60 vehicle days, covering 1,786 kilometres, amounting to INR 65,418.
Financial support
Doorstep grocery essentials delivery with Homeline
As Govt. of Karnataka rolls out helpline for grocery and essentials delivery for urban Bangalore, Shadowfax joins hands with BBMP to ensure smooth delivery for groceries, daily essentials, and medicine deliveries at highly competitive prices. This step is enabling more and more kirana stores join the online delivery bandwagon, ensuring they keep their businesses up and running, despite economic slow-down. 
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