Comparing online food order deliveries in China and India

Comparing online food order deliveries in China and India

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Indians spent more than twice as much on ordering food online in 2017, as they did a year back. Turns out, this trend only seems to be beginning. Compared to global averages including China’s, not a lot of people place online orders in India, but this number is growing rapidly. Restaurants in China use online platforms and delivery partners more frequently than do restaurants in India.

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As online orders grow, scaling the delivery team to match peak-demands may prove challenging for Indian restaurants. Besides, a delivery executive stays idle for the most part between the peak hours which accounts for lost productivity and losses. Shadowfax knows this since the company started with food deliveries itself, 3 years ago. When the team at Shadowfax noticed the delivery partners staying idle during the shift, they encouraged the partners to pick up deliveries from other verticals like Grocery, E-commerce or Pharma.

Such complexities and the dynamic nature of the problem makes it a strong case for restaurants to consider delivering via partners. We anticipate that restaurants are going to need a scalable and plug and play solution to handle instant deliveries. More than 1000 restaurants are using the platform to deliver a food order every 3 seconds. If you think that managing deliveries are taking much of your time, that you would rather spend on preparing and serving delicious food, drop us a message and we’ll take deliveries off your table right away.

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