Going the Whole Nine Yards with Last-Mile Delivery

Going the Whole Nine Yards with Last-Mile Delivery

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Over the last five years, last-mile delivery has become the last word when it comes to e-commerce logistics. And with good reason.

Increasingly, companies are beginning to innovate last yard delivery by combining automation, technology, and technical expertise to tackle challenges this area faces. Labor-intensive investment, higher customer expectations, and increased financial commitment being the three most pressing concerns. Let’s look at the facts. According to Capgemini, the retail industry could potentially save $41.36 billion a year by introducing AI into logistics operations. Additionally, as per a survey was done in the UK, 65% of retailers identified late or delayed deliveries as a significant cost to their business. Plus, as per research, 13 million Euros worth of packaging goes missing in Europe.

So let’s look at how organizations are addressing the major roadblocks and acing the last mile delivery game with professionalism and perfection in equal measure:

1. Deliver Success with Technology

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As with multiple industries, futuristic technology and Big Data is transforming the way companies interact with the customer and their employees. This includes the industry e-commerce as well. How so? For starters, the emergence of GPS-enabled apps such as the one by Shadowfax helps riders easily navigate through lesser-known locations and ensures timely delivery.

Secondly, tech giants such as Amazon have initiated a pilot program near Seattle where they are experimenting with last-mile delivery automation. This is being done by introducing robots to last-mile delivery services to complete the job quickly and seamlessly. They’re also working with autonomous drones for faster delivery. Thirdly, London-based company, Hanhaa is enabling the business to track shipments on a global scale with their tracking service “ParceLive” and address concerns such as: Where is the parcel? Is it within the allowable temperature range? Has it been tipped, dropped or opened? etc.

The learning here is that technological innovation in this sector is limitless and companies are beginning to cash in on this opportunity for long-term gains.

2. Enhancing Expertise Through App-Tech

In a first-mover’s advantage, Shadowfax has invested in a technology-based training app, “Gurukul” that caters to all needs and queries of the delivery crew. From learning about new delivery processes and order flows, to getting ahead on grooming rules and client-specific guidelines, all the details are captured in one place and available to them 24/7.

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Their GPS-app, on the other hand, caters to all delivery-centric information — whether it’s looking at their delivery roster or whether it understands their reporting time and location — the riders get access to all the information at the palm of their hands. That’s not all!

To ensure that there are no delivery bottlenecks, they can apply for leaves in advance as well. Simply put, Shadowfax places people and planning at its core, ensuring these two elements become the stepping stone to their success.

3. Emerging Trends in Last Mile Delivery

  • Companies are beginning to open warehouses in cities to offer premium services such as same-day or next-day delivery: a big plus from the customer’s point-of-view
  • Greater focus on instilling increased transparency in tracking deliveries — by way of real-time apps
  • Automation has emerged as the driving factor in both transport and warehousing services
  • The emergence of a flexible and open outsourced platform by Shadowfax that provides greater freedom and autonomy for their delivery partners — they can choose the kind of delivery and the type of vehicle they’d like to use.

Final Thoughts

Significant developments are being undertaken in the last-mile delivery segment and if the organization can increase their focus and efforts towards enhancing it — everyone stands to gain. This is the primary focus with which Shadowfax is making prompt deliveries a reality. Engage with our new-age logistics solutions spanning over 150 cities, with 15,000+ delivery partners, and 1000+ vehicles and be pleasantly surprised. For more queries, please reach out to us at Shadowfax.in.

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