Leveraging Kirana Stores for a Symbiotic Delivery Model

Leveraging Kirana Stores for a Symbiotic Delivery Model

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If you think that Kirana stores are a thing of the past, think again. New data from Bain and Co. suggests that the grocery market in India will be worth $1 trillion by 2024. But there’s a twist in the tale: nearly 60% of it will come from fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, and meat — a specialty of Kirana stores. To that end, it makes better logical and business sense to empower the “Kirana Model” any way we can. Even retail giants like Walmart are working towards modernizing Kiranas through their “Mera Kirana” program.

We, at Shadowfax, too have stepped up our Kirana game.

How so?

By ensuring that unique and best-practices are in place that empowers and inspire the Kirana stores to be the best version of themselves. Let’s look at our top-6 key initiatives in this regard:

Going Back to the “Grocery” Drawing Board with the “Swift-Delivery” Paradigm

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Shadowfax has been partnering with Kirana stores and local delivery companies through its flagship “DAM” Delivery Assistance Model initiative. Our singular goal being: the ability to deliver sundries in the deeper reaches of the country.

1. Added Income, Lucrative Benefits: Ever-Lasting Smiles

What’s in it for the Kiranawallahs you ask?

We say, aplenty.

Using Shadowfax expertise and global network, Kiranas can truly go “glocal.” By spreading their wings (pun not intended) across a larger footprint, they can earn upto INR 15,000 additional income — that too, without tinkering with the existing systems and processes in place.

2. Leverage the 2X Flex Model for Peak Delivery Season

We know that the peak delivery season brings with it extra work, stress, and a general sense of overwhelming. If only there was a flexible model that allowed Kirana stores to choose the quantity, type, route, and area of delivery.

Well, the good news is that there is.

Shadowfax’ app enables Kiranas to leverage the existing network, technology, and assets in place in order to cater to the heightened demand during peak season.

3. Smart Operations, Reduced Last-Mile Delivery Costs.

The numbers speak: Leveraging a “smart” app — one that chalks out route maps for the owners — prevents them from going around in circles (literally). This results in 30% reduced last-mile delivery costs. It also gives them the time to focus on enhancing their customer relationships — a prerequisite today for any brand, big or small.

4. Say Goodbye to Partner Dependency

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If past experience is anything to go by, we’ve seen that “rider dependency” can make or break the delivery game for small and medium-sized sellers alike.

Since Kiranawallahs are typically time-pressed, they rarely get the opportunity or window to track the deliveries or the rider.

The best solution: Partner with a reliable e-commerce courier company that knows the tricks of the trade and comes with the fancy tools. In short, Shadowfax’ Partner app is just what the Kirana stores need. It allows them to leverage a host of advantages at the click of a button. These include:

  • Train new employees
  • Run rider referral programs (They could even invite their friends and family and earn an extra dose of good-will)
  • Incentivize the riders
  • Run background checks
  • Manage staff documents

5. Cross-Utilization: The Biggest Asset of All

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Here’s another genuine concern that crops up:

“What about the toll that additional work can take on a Kiranawallah’s available resources and infrastructure?” This is where a cross-utilization of resources can make a huge difference — financially or resource-wise. By combining the complementary skills, resources, and assets — both partners can drive greater sales and enjoy increased profitability. Shadowfax’ advanced technology enables stores to track their operations in real-time while planning their routes — ideas that would happen on the first of never!

6. Go the Distance — At your Comfort & Convenience

Another principle that works in the Kiranawallahs favour is that they can choose to limit delivery within 2–3 kms. Simply, this “densified” model stops them from wasting their time, effort, and money by choosing not to go the extra mile (literally in this case).

If you’re wondering where to begin, just sign up for the DAM program by writing to us at hello@shadowfax.in. Therefore, if e-commerce delivery is on your mind, let Shadowfax be your agile partner.

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