Shadowfax Economy Express - Powering Premium Delivery At Pocket-Friendly Prices

Shadowfax Economy Express - Powering Premium Delivery At Pocket-Friendly Prices

Team Shadowfax

The world is undergoing change on a scale that hasn’t been witnessed in centuries. The pandemic has transformed the dynamics of the business world, and businesses that are willing to adapt and evolve are going to survive this rampant transformation.

Earlier, the requirement for professional courier service was a rarity, and when needed, you would think of a set of delivery based courier service companies that had fast delivery service and could deliver documents, small parcels, or light packages. These companies generally catered to personal shipments. Would the same courier companies be enough when logistics and supply chains are under immense pressure, and shipping bulk orders and large shipments are a necessity?

The answer is no. If these regular courier services could help you out, it would be with a hefty price tag and long delivery cycles that would do more harm than good to your business.

shadowfax same city intercity delivery
The pocket-friendly services of Shadowfax Economy Express are all set to revolutionise the premium delivery service range

The need of the hour today is the same services but at a far more competitive rate, coupled with a simple process and express delivery courier, at a faster turnaround time.

That is the core idea behind Shadowfax Economy Express.

One of the best courier services for both businesses and individuals who require a one-time transaction of shipping goods (bulk/parcel) within the same city or to another city. Shadowfax Economy Express offers end-to-end logistics, right from the first mile pick up to the last-mile delivery.

As a technology driven B2B logistics and supply chain management player, Shadowfax has primarily focused on large enterprise clients. But there exists a large number of small businesses, and even individuals with logistical needs that we wanted to reach out to, especially during these challenging times. Our current high touch engagement model could not have worked efficiently with a customer base of SMEs and individuals.

As a solution to this challenge, we came up with Shadowfax Economy Express! This service provides easy access and quick turnaround time, along with competitive pricing, where each transaction works like a one-time contract with the customer.

Scaling Up with A Dedicated Focus

Shadowfax has a vast network of delivery partners across the country. This new delivery model has been designed to add to the efficiencies of our already existing intracity and intercity network with higher shipping volumes. We are not creating a separate infrastructure, at least not in the short term, but are scaling our emerging enterprise practice with greater vigour.

shadowfax economy express

Can Shadowfax Economy Express Help You?

Shadowfax Economy Express is best suited to cater to the logistics needs of:

  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Organisations looking for a courier partner
  • Individuals

If you are an organisation or an individual who needs to move heavy or light consignments regularly or occasionally but does not have enough volumes to get into a service contract, this service will fulfil your requirements.

Wondering where to start?

Just call us on 7829269900

Send us a WatsApp at 9353325001

You may choose to write to us at

Avail our services at Shadowfax Economy Express

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