Building a community and enabling careers: The Shadowfax “Feet on Street” programme

Building a community and enabling careers: The Shadowfax “Feet on Street” programme

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At the heart of our business are our Shadowfax Delivery Partners. As we continue to grow — with new cities and news clients, both hyperlocal and e-commerce — our network of delivery partners will grow too. We’re expecting a month on month growth of 10% over the next 6 months, and that means that we’ll be welcoming 200 new Shadowfax delivery partners every month.

At Shadowfax, we’re building a community of top-notch delivery executives, creating an environment that can enable growth for every Shadowfax delivery parnter. Our referral programme, Feet on Street, is one more step in that direction. We’re building a strong ground community that would make it easy for first-time job seekers to explore their potential as Shadowfax delivery partners as well.

How does it work? Here’s more on the Feet on Street programme:

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A Delivery Partner can refer a friend and earn ~ Rs. 5,000/-

(Partners have earned more than INR 5,00,000 as part of this programme till date)

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Existing partner mentor the delivery partners who join, training and guiding them in the process.

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Every new delivery partner has a career path marked by activities that will help him/her grow with Shadowfax.

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Soon, delivery partners will be able to easily refer via the Shadowfax Delivery App itself.

Update: Read all about our transparent in-app experience on the delivery partner app.

We’re looking forward to building a strong community of delivery partners — onboarding 500+ Shadowfax delivery partners every month over the next 6 months. As we move full steam forward, we aim at welcoming 200+ Shadowfax Mentors in our top 10 cities — the talent that will be at the helm of our growth.

Update from Oct 2017: We hit an all-time peak of 10,000 organic referrals 10,000 organic referrals from a network of 4,500 active delivery partners.

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