Inside Shadowfax’s Collaborative, Conducive Bangalore Office

Inside Shadowfax’s Collaborative, Conducive Bangalore Office

Team Shadowfax

Inside Shadowfax’s Collaborative, Conducive Bangalore Office

‘I am at a place where I get to set new benchmarks every day!’ says Sumit Pilankar, Vice President Engineering and Technology at Shadowfax. The sentiment resonates often with most employees at the Shadowfax Bangalore office. 

So, what makes for an environment that fostersthe singular positive, can-do attitude at Shadowfax? Let’s step inside our Bangaloreoffice to understand what brings the organization together and makes it a great place to work.


Decoding the Shadowfax Life

Here at Shadowfax, we make every moment count.

You might want to check out our Instagram page to see how we enable team members to prioritize goals, make good use of time, stay enthusiastic, and lead from the front.

"I went from being a front-end engineer to an SDE 3 backend engineer-I love how much I have grown in Shadowfax! Shadowfax values employees as individuals, and they will do everything they can to help each employee reach their goals. I feel good when I think about my work. It delights thousands of customers everyday."- Mallikarjun Reddy P, Software Development Engineer at Shadowfax Bangalore.


Quick Facts About Shadowfax  

·      Our company is the largest on-demand tech-enabled gig marketplace to help enterprises outsource last-mile tasks.

·      Shadowfax leverages technology and AI to offer a supply experience to keep pace with the fast-growing and highly fragmented hyperlocal distribution ecosystem.

·      Over the years, we have grown our operations by expanding ourreach in e-commerce and hyperlocal segments but that’s not all. We are rapidly getting into new growth areas such as grocery distribution.

·      Shadowfax Technologies is now a  MINT W3 Champion. Recently, at Mint W3 Conclave & Awards 2021, we were chosen as the ' Future of Work Disruptor ' in the category of Medium Enterprise and also as the ‘Future of Work force Disruptor’ in the category of Digital Native Enterprise.

·      Shadowfax was co-founded by Abhishek Bansal, Gaurav Jaithliya, Praharsh Chandra and Vaibhav Khandelwal in 2015. Over the last six years, it has grown to a team size of close to 5,000 employees with more than100,000daily active users (delivery partners) in more than 600 cities in India, fulfilling more than a million orders per day, across more than 7000 pin codes.


Meet the People who Create our Culture

Daksh Chandra Bansal, Associate Product Manager- “One of the best things here is the focus of the entire organization to get thingsdone. Everyone here is very approachable, which leads to good ideas and a funworking experience.”

Priyanga SS, Software Development Engineer in test- “From the start, I’ve been impressed how everyone here works with a goal-oriented approach. I’m glad that Shadowfax provides a conducive environment to learn, grow and prosper.”

Dipesh Mittal, AVP, Engineering- “I recently completed 4 years in Shadowfax and one thing that really engages me is the impact my work creates. I can seemy snippets of code being executed as soon as those go live and changing lives of thousands of partners and many more customers. There is no greater feeling for an engineer.

Aswathy Honeylal, Senior Director- Strategy, Planning and Analytics, Shadowfax Technologies-"Joining Shadowfax to lead the Strategy, Planning and Analytics team for Hyperlocal segment has been a career defining moment for me. Every day, I get to challenge myself and come out as a better individual. I am proud to be part of such a dynamic and evolving ecosystem.”

What We Value

For over six years, Shadowfax has facilitated innovation, embraced empathy, and followed ethical principles in all operational aspects. Shadowfax looks to the future in optimism, and the team stands committed to practices that put customers at the heart of our business. All our organizational activities are aligned to the core values enabling the holistic growth of the organization and its people. Some of our core values include:

·      Customer centricity: This to us means nurturing strong bonds and delivering an outstanding customer experience always.

·      Innovation: We believe in implementing original ideas to revolutionize the industrial landscape through robust logistic solutions.

·      Empathy: Our strongest tool is empathy. It enables us to address the needs, fears, and pain points of our customers.

·      Integrity: Driven by integrity and strong morals, we value ethics over anything else.

These values along with our purpose-driven culture, help champion the power of human connection. By deeply caring for each other, ensuring transparent communication, and challenging the status quo, we ensure that a career at Shadowfax is rewarding and exciting. Our nest is filled with go-getters who bring different talents and abilities to the table, helping us maximize our strength, and make an impact.

Where We Work

We welcome people to join our office at Koramangala, boasting of open communal areas, fun zones, and laptop friendly café. This enables greater collaboration, ensuring they feel happy and engaged at work.    

“The café is a great midday mood booster. The open space elevates the positive energy at work. It has also become a great place to discuss ideas as well as have conversations that often lead to better creativity”- Ojashwi Singh, Public Relations and Marketing Communications Manager

Aesthetic Work Space

Team Shadowfax Discussing

“As some one who has been working at Shadowfax for almost a year, I can genuinely say that this organization has offered so many opportunities for everyone to foster and grow both professionally and personally. I have learnt a lot about my own domain and the experience has helped in an overall growth in my career. This work environment is extremely encouraging, and my peers are super talented.”-  Rameshwari Nalla, ORM Manager

Team working In Casual Office Work Space

Shadowfax Team Playing Snooker


“At Shadowfax, we take breaks very seriously. We believe that fun is an important ingredient to success. Our breakroom doubles as a gaming zone as well as a place to unwind, relax and reboot our minds and resume work with enhanced energy and motivation. It is a known fact that sports not only help in improving concentration, but also teach coping with stress and foster a sense of team spirit. An indoor game of snooker, carrom, table tennis or a quick conversation over a cup of coffee and snacks with our colleagues allows us to interact and form connections every day, making the working experience more interactive.” - Geetanjali Purohit, Head of Marketing, Shadowfax.  

Team Working With Mask On

“Shadowfax offers a collaborative workspace with a friendly environment. The transparent culture and leadership support has helped me grow and develop my knowledge skills further. I genuinely enjoy working as a team.”- Sanjeev Sah, Assistant Manager, HRBP

Looking to pursuing a career at Shadowfax Bangalore? Head over to our careers page.

Written by

Tanushree Ray, HR Head at Shadowfax Bangalore. She contributes to the Shadowfax career blog on topics ranging across culture, diversity, and emerging workplace trends.

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