Shadowfax Sundowner: Fun with Virtual Meetups

Shadowfax Sundowner: Fun with Virtual Meetups

Team Shadowfax

A Chance To Reconnect, Rethink, Regroup & Replenish

Oh, how we miss stopping by the coffee machine in the pantry to have a quick chat and exchange a laugh or go for chai breaks because we are cooped up at home… The pandemic continues to be tough on many of us, with many new challenges being presented. For most, the shift to work from home has been seamless but is still a substantial change from the way we used to collaborate and work together in person. 

We planned multiple activities to keep the team bonding going virtually to make sure employees blow off some steam. One such fun activity that helped us take some time off from regular work is the Shadowfax Sundowner. 

Sundowners have frequent mention during the British colonial era. A ‘sundowner’ then, meant an alcoholic drink that the British would consume after completing a day’s work – usually at sundown. Shadowfax Sundowners paid delightful homage to this tradition and aptly brought the team together for a session of unwinding and catching up over food and drinks - virtually

So, here is a quick sneak peek into our sundowner

Yet, out of the ashes and the coronavirus madness, emerged virtual timeout experiences to help our core team of 40 members reconnect with their friendly team mates.

These meetups for our core leadership of 40 team members were thoughtfully led by our Co-Founder and CEO, Abhishek Bansal. They helped bring together some of the greatest minds of our time for light-hearted, thought-provoking conversation every Friday. This was done with the aim to break the monotony especially during the pandemic, we wanted to extend the belongingness towards Shadowfax Family and build an effective work-life balance for the Core Leadership Team; connecting with them to foster engagement

It was more than just business! 

Sundowner virtual meetups were a chance to rejoin coworkers and refresh ourselves with recreational activities and insightful talks from our guests. We got to see a side of ourselves. Our colleagues and that of guests that surprised us made us laugh and enjoy with them forgetting about our covid and WFH woes making it a fun time to refresh and recharge the teams .

Our guest list included Manu Jain, who shared his thoughts and offered his light-hearted opinion on moving forward through the pandemic, Kunal Bahl, co-founder and CEO of Snapdeal who spoke to us about business success and entrepreneurship. We were also honoured by the presence of Arun Seth the Chairman and founder of NASSCOM, who shared many of his interesting observations over the past 4 decades of experience. 

Azeez Gupta, Founder of Rocket Learning, recollected joyful moments of nostalgia and spoke from his heart about enterprise secrets learned during his career. Our honourable guests spoke to the crowd and connected on aspects of life that we all can relate to. 

The real fun began in the rapid-fire round of questions! 

Our guests were able to answer questions posed and give us a peek into their positive and highly motivated mindsets. 

The session added a lot of value to everyone.

And Yes! We also received priceless business advice from some of the best in various industries. Our guests diligently answered business and personal development questions and through these answers, gave meaningful perspectives on how to perceive life’s challenges.

Shadowfax Team

Why we love it: 

It’s a memorable experience where we forgot that we were inside our homes and had moments of pure fun and live interactions with all just like we would in an in-person gathering. Overall, the Sundowner virtual meetups conducted were enjoyed by everyone. The hard work that went into arranging the events paid off multiple times, with meaningful conversation, plenty of laughter, and strong motivation.

In the end, everyone was left with the moments that they would cherish. 

We thank our esteemed guests for their time and effort for  the Sundowner Meetups. 

Contrary to popular belief, fun virtual conference ideas do exist…

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