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Breaking new ground: Shadowfax launches operations in Navi Mumbai and North Bangalore
It’s been an eventful few days for Team Shadowfax and we have some exciting launches and big plans to show for it.
Fast delivery in the shortest possible time: The Central Rider Allocation project
As our order volumes grow across businesses, we are constantly looking for ways to ensure that our operations processes run smoothly and that our service quality stays top-notch.
All New Shadowfax seller portal Is Here
We updated the seller portal for our merchants in February of 2018. Merchants can now assign priority to their orders for speedy deliveries.
Shadowfax to launch 500+ strong female delivery fleet
Shadowfax, India’s largest express delivery platform, has become the first logistics player to launch its own fleet of female delivery partners.
Driving customer delight by making Shadowfax most desirable place to work for riders
Employee engagement and satisfaction are leading indicators for customer delight.
Shadowfax introduces customized doorstep quality checks for reverse logistics, promises 90% reduction in customer frauds
Shadowfax’s JITPICK provides reverse logistics services across 1200 pincodes with value added services like same day pickup, live order tracking and doorstep QC.
Navigating the path of progress: E-commerce and logistics expectations from Budget 2024-25
As we stand at the threshold of a new fiscal year, all eyes are on the Budget of India for 2024-25, with expectations in the e-commerce and logistics sectors reaching a peak. The interplay of technology, policy, and infrastructure funding is pivotal for these industries, with stakeholders eagerly anticipating measures that will spur growth and address critical challenges.
Transforming the last mile: New delivery models, technology strengthen logistics in India
As we bid farewell to 2023, it's undeniable that the landscape of last-mile logistics in India has undergone a revolutionary transformation, with key advancements reshaping the way goods are delivered to our doorsteps. In this 2023 reflection, we delve into the key themes that defined the evolution of last-mile logistics, setting the stage for a dynamic 2024.
What is 3PL: Know About Its Benefits & Tips
Discover the power of 3PL & its diverse types from Shadowfax. Uncover the logistics magic that optimizes supply chains, enhancing operations & customer satisfaction.
The Rise of Hyperlocal Deliveries (and what it means for logistics)
This period of time saw the rise of a variety of hyperlocal delivery startups in multiple cities, using multiple business models.
Future 3PL Factors to Consider post Covid-19
What are the top factors a logistics company needs to consider during and post-pandemic era?
Have you chosen the right 3pl partner for your delivery needs?
The logistics industry is advancing due to the vast technological developments that have been introduced in the past few years. Your 3PL partner must be in tune with the latest logistics technology and be open to implement it readily.
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Shadowfax is India's Fastest Growing End-to-End Logistics provider that provides e-commerce, hyper-local, on-demand delivery solutions for businesses for seamless business operations and dynamic growth.

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