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Enabling Real Time Serviceability for Online Marketplaces for Hyperlocal Delivery
Shadowfax launches real-time serviceability integration for hyperlocal marketplaces to meet variable demand across 13 cities.
Shadowfax’s new technology now helping companies reduce their RTO percentage
Worried about the rise in your RTO (return to origin) costs? Shadowfax has found the perfect solution which is helping various companies bring down their RTO percentage.
Enabling trust at scale: How Shadowfax built a delivery network that is reliable, safe and fast
Engineering trust: At Shadowfax, the trust our customer's place in us is a direct reflection of the trust we have engineered between the riders and us.
Fostering empowerment: Woman rider ranks in top 3 nationwide among 5000+ delivery partners
Our aim at Shadowfax has been to challenge stereotypes and help empower women.
Making 4-hour delivery for online shopping a reality
Taking another step towards setting the gold standard in on-demand logistics space, Shadowfax has become the first company in India to guarantee a delivery within 4 hours of receiving an order in select cities.
Shadowfax launches Karma score; analyses how stringent the doorstep quality checks should be
Customer fraud is among the biggest challenges e-commerce faces today, over 14% of returns received by e-commerce companies are fraudulent.
What is 3PL: Know About Its Benefits & Tips
Discover the power of 3PL & its diverse types from Shadowfax. Uncover the logistics magic that optimizes supply chains, enhancing operations & customer satisfaction.
The Rise of Hyperlocal Deliveries (and what it means for logistics)
This period of time saw the rise of a variety of hyperlocal delivery startups in multiple cities, using multiple business models.
Future 3PL Factors to Consider post Covid-19
What are the top factors a logistics company needs to consider during and post-pandemic era?
Have you chosen the right 3pl partner for your delivery needs?
The logistics industry is advancing due to the vast technological developments that have been introduced in the past few years. Your 3PL partner must be in tune with the latest logistics technology and be open to implement it readily.
4 Reasons Why You Should Offer Same Day Deliveries
Offer an “Amazon Prime”-like service to your customers using as much as an online form. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider making same day deliveries at your business.
How Shadowfax Celebrates the Working Class Heroes of Gig Economy
The world celebrates International Workers Day today. The celebrations have their origins in the Chicago Haymarket Affair in the year 1885. The movement came over to India in 1923.
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Shadowfax is a leading logistics platform that provides hyper-local, on-demand delivery solutions for businesses. With a mission to revolutionize logistics through innovation and technology, Shadowfax is committed to providing seamless, end-to-end delivery solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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1st floor, Appek Building, 93/A,4th B Cross Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Shadowfax Technologies Pvt. Ltd.