Fostering empowerment: Woman rider ranks in top 3 nationwide among 5000+ delivery partners

Fostering empowerment: Woman rider ranks in top 3 nationwide among 5000+ delivery partners

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Our aim at Shadowfax has been to challenge stereotypes and help empower women. Even in a male dominated industry like logistics, we strive to provide equal opportunities to women riders, and believe they are at least as productive as their male counterparts. With this in mind, in the beginning of 2017 we started WISH — our own Delivery Fleet of Women Riders. We are delighted to announce that in a few short months, the seed we had planted to empower women, has started giving fruits.

One such success story is Jamuna. She is a single mother of a 17 year old who joined WISH in March 2017 to provide her son with good education after getting separated from her husband. In a short span of time, with hard work and dedication she has broken barriers, completed 1100 orders in the month of Sept’17 and achieved a top 3 ranking among 5000+ delivery partners. A rider who completes 1000+ orders a month typically earns Rs. 1200 to 1800 per day.

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“It was disheartening to imagine that I will not be able to fulfill the wish of my son of getting admission to a Modern Private College,” says Jamuna. With a pause and tears in her eyes, she continues — “Having a safe and a secure job was a dream before I joined Shadowfax and now it feels like a dream come true!!”

“We are extremely proud of Jamuna, whose success is a testament to our constant desire to create an inclusive platform for micro entrepreneurship with equal opportunities for all delivery partners. We always strive to ensure maximum growth and safety for our women fleet. I am confident that many other WISH riders would repeat Jamuna’s success story and compete to be at the top in upcoming times,” says Nirupama Das who heads PAN India rider sourcing for Shadowfax and leads a team responsible for sourcing 1000+ riders in 20 cities across India.

She has truly made this Diwali brighter by not only enlightening her family, but also the society. We hope she continues to scale new heights and inspire other women to destroy prejudices.

About Shadowfax

Shadowfax is India’s largest crowdsourced delivery platform with presence in 13 cities across India and 5000+ daily active delivery personnel. Shadowfax’s unique app enables delivery of food, grocery, pharmacy and e-commerce for businesses and helps them create customer delight using technology. With relentless focus on engineering pleasant experiences for the customers, Shadowfax envisions to become the most desirable and trustworthy delivery platform for customers.

Read more about our WISH program here.

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