Driving customer delight by making Shadowfax most desirable place to work for riders

Driving customer delight by making Shadowfax most desirable place to work for riders

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Employee engagement and satisfaction are leading indicators for customer delight. This is especially true for service where the customer’s only interaction with the company is the rider delivering the service. At Shadowfax, we realize that each of our riders is our brand ambassador and ensure that he is happy working with us. Being the most desirable place to work for riders is an important part of our company culture, something that is reflected in all our interactions with the riders.

Shadowfax crowd sourced deliver platform exceeds the industry retention rates with best-in-class retention of 95% month on month. We provide our riders an unmatched flexibility without any restriction on shifts they need o work in, letting them earn on the go based on their availability.

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Shadowfax has developed a proprietary algorithm to decide the payouts based on millions of data points on customer and rider behavior, and order type being delivered. This ensures that riders are compensated equitably across all order types and delivery cycles. Shadowfax’s rider app provides them with a transparent view of their earnings and ensures they are aware of pay splits at all levels.

The app also shows the incentive the riders would earn if they perform Shadowfax Magic on their deliveries. Shadowfax Magic is our capability to ensure the same high-standard delivery experience for the customer regardless of all other extraneous factors that may have a negative impact.

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Shadowfax rider app’s new help function allows the rider to look at his performance data. As this is the same data that the operation team uses to resolve their query, the rider can refer to the same and that by itself clarifies most of his queries to the team. This transparency ensures that our riders are satisfied with the resolutions provided and, therefore, are tightly aligned with us in ensuring customer satisfaction through Shadowfax Magic.

At the resolution, the delivery rider has an option to rate his satisfaction and experience during the process. This rating mechanism is built into the Shadowfax rider app and allows the operations team to monitor their own performance as well. This feedback is taken very seriously and the operations team aims to have the top rating on all their interactions with the riders, just as the riders strive to perform Shadowfax Magic on all their interactions with the customers.

About Shadowfax:

Shadowfax is India’s largest crowd sourced delivery platform with presence in 13 cities across India and 5000+ daily active delivery personnel. Shadowfax’s unique app enables the delivery of food, grocery, pharmacy, and e-commerce for businesses and helps them create customer delight using technology. With relentless focus on engineering pleasant experiences for the customers, Shadowfax envisions to become the most desirable and trustworthy delivery platform for customers

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