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#SmallBusinessTalk: How to build and grow a local delivery Service business in 2018
Online shopping has grown rapidly in the country and is expected to continue that growth. There simply hasn’t been a better time to run a delivery business
Expanding the Idea of Entrepreneurship: A More Inclusive Space with Micro Entrepreneurs
"Young people in our country are completely redefining the nature of job. Whether it is startups, BPOs, e-commerce or mobility — the youth in my country is embracing opportunities and rising to new heights, taking the country along with him or her."
How India Inc is bringing down the costs to move goods in the economy
We cover developments in the last mile, and beyond, to see how the logistics industry (and the Govt.) is bringing down the costs to move goods in the country from ~15% to under 10% of GDP.
Why is Shipping with Domestic Aviation Gaining Rapid Mileage?
Compared to its slower counterparts (road and sea shipment), air freight is the preferred mode for shipping for three reasons: It is fast, convenient, and time-sensitive.
5 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency in Logistics
Let’s look at the top-5 factors that are improving logistics management; while ensuring your business goes the extra mile — quite literally — to capture the customer’s attention and boost sales.
How an Efficient Returns Process gives Rise to Impactful Customer Journeys
If you’re in the e-commerce logistics business, you know that handling the returns of goods is as important as delivering it. Add to the mix, an easy, systematic, and hassle-free process — and the end-product is the Shadowfax app.
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Shadowfax is India's Fastest Growing End-to-End Logistics provider that provides e-commerce, hyper-local, on-demand delivery solutions for businesses for seamless business operations and dynamic growth.

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