Expanding the Idea of Entrepreneurship: A More Inclusive Space with Micro Entrepreneurs

Expanding the Idea of Entrepreneurship: A More Inclusive Space with Micro Entrepreneurs

Team Shadowfax

In his speech on Independence Day, Prime Minister Modi talked about the changing nature of jobs in India. Young people in our country are completely redefining the nature of job. Whether it is startups, BPOs, e-commerce or mobility — the youth in my country is embracing opportunities and rising to new heights, taking the country along with him or her. Shadowfax has been in the thick of things as far as this phenomenon is concerned. As far as I can tell, the hyperlocal logistics industry hasn’t only been a source of employment, but a thriving ecosystem for a whole different kind of entrepreneurs we don’t see discussed a lot.

The Delivery Partner — a Micro-entrepreneur

A big backpack on his shoulders, a helmet in one hand and a phone in the other — this is the quintessential delivery partner in India today. He or she comes from Indian towns and villages and hopes to make it big in the city. The person often bears the responsibility of the family and is interested in building a happy life where he feels in control.

Joining people like Harish are folks like college students and part-timers who are interested in making productive use of their time. 25% of Daily active delivery partners on our platform operate for less than 25 hours in the week. We need to celebrate these micro-entrepreneurs in the on-demand economy, for they are redefining what entrepreneurship means in the 21st century. Over the past three years, our focus at Shadowfax has been building a network of micro-entrepreneurs, who work as our delivery partners across India. We have been successful in attracting and retaining 7,000+ delivery partners to our network.

Our delivery partners have shared the startup risks with everyone else here at Shadowfax. They put in the extra effort, especially when the going got tough, to ensure a premium experience for our customers.

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We proactively share rewards of these successes with our delivery partners. Delivery partners at Shadowfax stand to make as much as Rs. 50,000 in any given month. As these delivery partners see growth, they are keen to attract more people to our partner network. Recently, one of our partners, Venkatesh had this to say about his entrepreneurial ambitions. Earlier, I could only save ~Rs. 20,000 for the family. This has grown 50% since I joined Shadowfax. I take my work seriously. I soon hope to find another person and get him or her on my team, add another vehicle with Shadowfax and grow my business :)

Seeing enthusiastic responses like these convinced us to help our delivery partners in opening their own logistics companies and transition from being micro-entrepreneurs to small business owners.

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Like a true entrepreneur, our delivery partners are always looking to be more successful at work. The gig economy allows micro-entrepreneurs to scale the value they can provide and grow their income opportunities Our delivery partners are pioneers, in this regard. It’s only fair to expand the idea of entrepreneurship to include this category of #gigsters, I believe.

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