Shadowfax At the Helm of The Last-Mile 3PL Revolution: Here’s How We’re Doing It.

Shadowfax At the Helm of The Last-Mile 3PL Revolution: Here’s How We’re Doing It.

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The Indian digital commerce market is anticipated to reach 100 million deliveries a day from the current 13 million, resulting in increased delivery volumes. India’s eCommerce market is expected to reach US$ 111 billion by 2024 and US$ 200 billion by 2026. Last-mile delivery has increasingly become the most critical aspect of deliveries, given the need to expedite order fulfilment in a COVID-altered delivery landscape.

We are at the cusp of a logistics revolution. The rise of hyperlocal deliveries and quick commerce means that deliveries will get faster with last-mile deliveries becoming more important - be it for food or medicines, groceries, or any other household goods.  

At Shadowfax, we are seamlessly helping businesses conduct leaner operations, make smarter business decisions, and improve consumer experiences. We have created a distinct identity for ourselves by positively disrupting the last-mile delivery ecosystem.

Engineering pleasant last-mile experiences

We have built the largest crowdsourced platform by embracing innovative technologies to deliver the most exceptional customer experiences that have always been at the heart of our business. We are revolutionising 3PL (Third-party logistics) space logistics with our innovative and intelligent proprietary route and fleet management technology that helps enable route optimization, unraveling the best routes of travel and scheduling at the shipment level. Our services are competent, reliable, and seamless.

Our AI and ML-powered last-mile logistics remove the dependencies, redundancies and errors that occur in case of manual order allocation. These cutting-edge innovations also facilitate route optimisation that enables charting out the shortage route/distance for delivery, enables the rider to get to the precise delivery location, maximises deliveries per trip, reduces kilometres travelled, and increases rider productivity and overall delivery performance. This directly impacts customer experience, which offers end-to-end delivery visibility to the customer and fewer delays or order rejections.

Shadowfax’s sophisticated technology platform processes a vast amount of data and aptly predicts rider behavioural patterns and geo-local conditions. It leverages these innovations to predict and control frauds, create the best match of demand and supply, and personalise offerings for rider partners.

We strive to constantly appraise our full-stack end-to-end fulfilment technologies to power pickup and delivery within a very tight 30 min delivery timeline which makes it easy for us to extend the same customer satisfaction levels for intercity eCommerce deliveries too.

Shadowfax riders powered by One-of-a-kind Super App – Many opportunities, One interface

Shadowfax’s Super App, India's first-ever, allows riders an opportunity to do both eCommerce and hyperlocal deliveries. The app helps delivery partners access all companies through a single interface without registering individually with each. This offers delivery partners greater flexibility, opportunities, and avenues for better income.

We face the same challenges as the industry does. We just deal with them better due to our engagement approach with our riders. We focus on how we create better endurance with our partners and give them a reason to stay. With a deep understanding of the gig economy and the need for an appropriate workforce, Shadowfax provides end-to-end support to its rider partners. The platform offers various benefits, including sizeable pay-outs, referral programmes, a minimum earning guarantee, and best-in-class tech support, to its delivery partners. Our marketing and supply team, conduct numerous rider contact programs across cities to develop an in-depth understanding of the crowdsourced workforce. 

gWe have 25 lakhs+ verified users on our platform with 1.2 lakh+ monthly transacting delivery partners and 10 lakhs+ orders being delivered every single day across 900 + cities. As we speak, 35K+ new riders join our platform every month making us the largest 3rd party logistics platform in India. 

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Powering Economic inclusion for almost everyone

As an equal opportunity provider, Shadowfax onboards riders, regardless of education level, age, gender, race, or place, we aim to ensure economic inclusion of everyone. With a hassle-free onboarding process, interested applicants just need to download the Shadowfax app, upload their PAN and Aadhaar cards for verification, and reach the nearest onboarding centre. Shadowfax has ensured the entire process is seamless, allowing delivery partners to get started within a couple of hours.

As of today, we have thousands of student delivery partners on our uniquely accessible platform looking to earn part-time money to support their families, some delivery partners come onto our platform for regular income; others include women quietly demolishing gender stereotypes and moving ahead fearlessly. At Shadowfax, we strongly believe that inspiration can arise from anywhere. We need to have an eye for it. Our existing riders’ profile is an extension of our employee empowerment ideology with 15% of emerging riders including women. Our youngest riders range from 18 to 25 years old, an opportunity for Indian youth to be financially secure and independent. 

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47% of Shadowfax delivery partners earn between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 /- per month, while 30% take home more than Rs 30,000 /-.  Through our innovative technology solution (Super App) Shadowfax Delivery partners have emerged as empowered individuals with guaranteed financial security not only limited to big metro cities but also Tier II cities of India. 

Here is what inspires us the most 

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Setting the stage for what's next

We have a vision worth pursuing. Our team, technical experience, and commitment to generating long-term value for our delivery partners, teams and shareholders will continue to grow at full steam.

As much as we've accomplished over our last seven years, we are even more excited and confident of what's to come: helping organisations and brands grow their business, helping delivery partners lead self-sustainable lives, and making shopping and delivery less transactional and more inspiring.

Leaders who will crack the code of efficient last-mile delivery will be strongly positioned for the years ahead. By prioritising transparency, deciding on and measuring the right duties, encouraging cross-functional alliances between teams, leaders and on-ground teams. and accelerating the operational speed of our organisation, we will continue to deliver unmatched customer experiences.

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