Shadowfax takes a giant leap forward with a first-of-its-kind Super App!

Shadowfax takes a giant leap forward with a first-of-its-kind Super App!

Team Shadowfax

Shadowfax takes a giant leap forward with a first-of-its-kind Super App!

In our continuous journey to enhance the quality and speed of our delivery services, we have created India's first-ever Super App: A never-before closed ecosystem of all services/products provided under one umbrella, making for a seamless and efficient experience.

Says CEO & Co-founder of Shadowfax, Abhishek Bansal: "The idea of creating India's first delivery Super App for gig workers was triggered by the realization that there is an urgent need for a uniform platform that every delivery executive in the market can make use of. A platform that is at once time-saving and easy to use." 

Excerpts of a conversation with Mr. Bansal:

Q: Was there a specific event that catapulted this idea into a realization?

Abhishek Bansal: It was not a single event, but a series of events over a period of time that caught our attention and led to the realization that many markets in India operate within a supply crunch. This, in turn, motivated us to create the app. The basic thought was to ensure an environment of ample supply to match a surge in demand, should it arise. 

Q: What are the biggest innovations that you have created with this super app?

Abhishek Bansal: We have targeted the best possible experience for customers, and the best possible wages for our delivery partners.  This is being enabled by tailor made delivery tech in the front end and comprehensive use of AI/ ML in the back end.

The Super App is expected to facilitate employment for over one million people daily, while allowing them the flexibility to choose their working hours. Significantly higher pay-outs are among the host of other benefits assured.

Q: Please elaborate on how the Super App would benefit all stakeholders?

Abhishek Bansal: Our core aim was to create more job opportunities. Considering how much the e-commerce sector is growing at the moment, coupled with the rapid rise in the blue collared job opportunities, it was time to bring in a seamless and flexible platform for delivery partners to work in. 

The entire experience of the Super App - from downloading the app to the onboarding process - is hassle-free. The riders can start earning from the world go. There are no commitments or minimum qualifications required.The earning potential would completely depend on the time and effort that a partner is willing to put in.

The Super App will open up a world of opportunity, providing delivery partners with access to multiple categories, and helping them take advantage of the surge across horizontals to improve earnings. 

Q: As the founder, how do you feel about this path-breaking achievement?

Abhishek Bansal: At Shadowfax, we seek to have a solution-centric approach. And I am happy that the Super App, a first of its kind in India, is in line with this basic philosophy. We have put in a lot of effort to ensure we have a fault-free proposition, backed by sound financial and marketing strategies.

This is an app where you don't come and spend money, it's an app where you actually make money.

Q: Do you think the Super App will change the common perception among potential hires about the role of delivery partners?

Abhishek Bansal: Yes, with the Super App, people may partner with us on their own time, they can be their own boss - we are only a medium facilitating this. The Super App will also help delivery partners utilize their innovative capabilities into building the right customer experience for a much larger audience.

Q: Were there any global companies that inspired this project, a global benchmark?
Abhishek Bansal: The approach is unique. On one hand, we have a huge supply, and on the other, we hope to create a massive feed of orders. We did extensive research, and studied the functioning of successful companies across the globe to get a better idea of what a super app is all about. The Indonesian company Gojek, particularly, was a source of learning.

Q: What makes the Shadowfax Super App unique?

Abhishek Bansal: It creates a democratic platform that allows potential employees to choose the work he or she wants to do, when they want to do it, how they want to proceed, and whom they want to work with. In addition to this, the vastly improved earning opportunity is what sets us apart. 

The Shadowfax Super App is all set to revolutionize the delivery sector with path-breaking innovation, backed by the company's hallmark of buoyant optimism and underlying goal to benefit the supplier, deliverer and consumer.

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