How an Efficient Returns Process gives Rise to Impactful Customer Journeys

How an Efficient Returns Process gives Rise to Impactful Customer Journeys

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Every business today has one-and-one goal only: to enhance their customer experience. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Research suggests that customer-centric businesses enjoy 1.4x faster revenues while increasing customer lifetime value by 1.6x more than their competitors. At this point, you may be probably wondering:

“How can one measure a customer’s experience?”

We have three words for you: Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score — or NPS as it is commonly known — has emerged as a universal benchmark for measuring a customer’s journey with a brand. It also helps to reduce customer churn, monitor user satisfaction, and address complaints swiftly.

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In this blog, we will understand the top-4 factors that can affect the NPS positively. We will also look into how businesses can improve their returns process which will inevitably lead to organic yet effectively NPS:

1. Fact Check with Quality Checks at Customer’s Doorstep

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Imagine this: You wish to return a product to the warehouse because it’s damaged. But you know you’ll have to brace yourself for a procedure that’s too long and tedious. First, you’ll have to package the product. Then, request for a reverse pickup. Then, coordinate with the delivery partner at least ten times a day. Finally, you’ll have to keep going back-and-forth on the app to see the “status” of the returned product (which could take weeks). If only there was a delivery service that ensured quick and hassle-free pickups — that too, with quality checks that happened right at your doorstep, right? The good news is that there is. The Shadow App is extremely rider- and customer-friendly:

  1. It empowers riders to manage pickups and check returned products for quality — at the customer’s doorstep. As you may have guessed, this saves precious time and effort for both the customer and the rider.
  2. It saves the riders a lot of dead-weight — thanks to the “no-paper required” policy.
  3. It offers a quality form for the riders to fill with all the necessary checkboxes that determine whether the product is fit to be returned or not.

The overall benefit: All these factors collectively enable a faster Turn-Around-Time (TAT) to refund/exchange the product which leads to enhanced customer experience. In the reverse logistics world, seamless customer experience is one of the most important Key Performance Indicators.

2. Leave Fake Remarks on the Fence with Geo-Fencing Technology

Another hurdle that typically hurts e-commerce returns is the possibility of encountering “fake remarks.” Data from the National Retail Federation suggests that return fraud is estimated to account for 8.2 percent of all returns. So, what’s the possible solution?

You can counter this by embracing the futuristic Geo-Fencing technology. This technology essentially tracks objects using GPS and offers real-time tracking of the returned product. Naturally, this ensures greater transparency in operations and leaves no room for error — financial or otherwise. As per research, Geo-Fencing reduces Failure to Attend (FTA) by 25% as it notifies the end-customer in advance about the rider’s whereabouts.

3. Embrace the “Convenience Revolution” with the Shadowfax App

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If you’re in the e-commerce logistics business, you know that handling the returns of goods is as important as delivering it. Add to the mix, an easy, systematic, and hassle-free process — and the end-product is the Shadowfax app. This app has been thoughtfully-designed, factoring inconvenience for the user and flexibility for the rider when it comes to returning products. The best of all the worlds if you ask us.

4. Leverage the Gurukul App for a Seamless Returns Process

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.” — Sun Tzu

According to research by Voxware, 88% shoppers want to be able to return a purchase and 95% claim that the ease of the returns process determines if they’ll shop with the retailer again or not. It, then, goes without saying that providing customers with a hassle-free and quick pickup experience along with seamless communication across the entire process is of paramount importance. This is where the Gurukul app can be leveraged. It is an on-the-go learning app that trains partners about the returns process and details all the steps required for a returns shipment. That’s not all. It also helps train delivery partner’s in terms of understanding customer behavior to ensure that both parties are on the same page at all times. Naturally, this helps boost NPS and ensures that your brand’s goodwill stays intact!

If you wish to master the delivery game in the fast lane, get in touch with us at and let us take over your “returning” delivery troubles.

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