5 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency in Logistics

5 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency in Logistics

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The Indian logistics industry — an active contributor of around 13% towards India’s GDP — is on the path of dynamic transformation. The industry is pegged to be worth $215 Bn by 2021 as per CARE ratings. With such high-ranking numbers being predicted as a part of the “big picture,” it’s only natural to wonder what kind of best practices are enabling this fast-tracked growth. Let’s look at the top-5 factors that are improving logistics management; while ensuring your business goes the extra mile — quite literally — to capture the customer’s attention and boost sales.

Fuelling Logistics Operations in Full Swing

Factor 1: Embrace the Right Kind of Technology

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Strides in technological development have birthed ingenious innovations that are helping enhance operational efficiency.

For example:

· Using the GPS system to track your fleet, vehicle, and delivery in real-time

· Automating back-end operations and facilitating smooth information transfer using Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP

· Using a custom-made app like the one developed by Shadowfax that addresses concerns of all stakeholders — from the rider and the merchant to the customer and the employees.

Factor 2: Training your Biggest Assets — The Staff

This one’s a no-brainer. If you wish to keep up with the changing trends — technological or otherwise — you need to engage in an ongoing training process. The primary aim should be to bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern style of managing operations.

To combine technology (modern) with expertise (traditional), Shadowfax has invented an app called “Gurukul” that solely caters to the concerns of the delivery crew. From training them about new processes to providing information about order flow, this app means some serious business.

Factor 3: Ensuring Seamless Transfer of Data & Customer Dreams

Ask any logistics business, and they’ll tell you that before you get on the field to deliver products, you need to sort your data sharing process. Simply put, sharing information is as vital as providing orders on time. One way to do this is by building an app with features like Karma Score that can conduct quality checks on the go while keeping the delivery process organized and simplified. This is the key advantage Shadowfax is leveraging and gaining a business edge in the process.

Factor 4: Managing & Measuring Inventory — Physically & Electronically

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The first step towards operation efficiency is managing the inventory effectively. There are two ways to do this. One, by developing a warehouse that is sizeable and maximizes space to the extent possible. Two, by creating an online portal that manages the inventory in real-time and ensures proper sequencing of products. Two birds, one stone — get it?

Factor 5: Investing in People and Valuing Relations with Every Member of the Ecosystem

Often, people talk about the tangible, quantifiable side of the delivery process but not much thought is given to the intangible side of the business — the employees’ concerns, the customer’s expectations, and the merchant’s convenience.

For a holistic approach towards getting all three on the same page, you need to create a mechanism that allows people to voice their concerns and helps analyze their feedback. Plus, you need to drive the organization’s central goal — let’s say “agility” as in the case of Shadowfax — any way you can. For instance, it could be by way of implementing procedures and standards that enable fast delivery.

Additionally, having members with impeccable interpersonal skills in the leadership team acts as a driving force of strength and stability in the organization. Remember that this not only eradicates any recurring bottlenecks but also creates a sense of goodwill amongst all involved — a prerequisite for sustainable growth and business development, right?

The Writing is on the Wall

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Improving logistics operations requires as much humane effort as it requires digital intervention. Additionally, it’s important to remember that before you make the promise of “excellent, on-time service,” you need to ensure you are in a position to deliver it. This mantra is what drives us at Shadowfax, so if you’re looking for a partner that commits to a smooth-sailing delivery experience and acts on it, reach us at hello@shadowfax.in

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