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Close to 30% reduction in delivery costs
Efficient restaurant food delivery model
Greater serviceability
Enhanced customer satisfaction
Running the restaurant food logistics completely for popular restaurant chains


Average food order values are low compared to the delivery cost
The high overhead cost of the supply chain, delivery fleet, infrastructure & IT
  1. Delivery fleet - Maintaining and managing a group of deliveryexecutives for eachretail outlet and locality
  2. Inventory - Keep track of stock and update inventory in real time
  3. Promoters - They need to push retailers to accept orders
  4. Tech support
An over-worked delivery fleet invariably leads to low customer satisfaction.


Shadowfax devised a 2 pronged approach to create an omnichannel last miledelivery
Model around local kiranas
Approach 1

Shadowfax is supported by a massive & skilled fleet of 100k+ delivery partners, spread across multiple pin codes across the map, dedicated to providing on-time, reliable, and lightning fast restaurant food deliveries.

Approach 2

By assigning TAT performance for each step of restaurant food delivery order, starting from receiving order, reaching kitchen, reaching customer address, and delivering the order, the overall TAT of the complete logistics chain was easily streamlined to a duration of 30 minutes.

The details

To make the model feasible, Shadowfax did the following:

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