Enabling major pharma players to enhance market penetration & improve TAT by cracking the last mile delivery while minimizing logistics and infrastructure costs. We aimed at removing overall delivery lag owing to the prescription requirements through tech-enabled logistics solutions, boosting customer trust & experience.

Services used:
Now express 45
Now Slot Delivery


Comprehensive pharma-specific logistics solutions with improved delivery management.
Improved TAT and cost-optimisation for major online pharma players.
Effective TATs leading to improved customer satisfaction.
Increased customer reach and serviceability.
Efficient rider management system managing demand surges.


Online verification of prescription drugs increases last-mile TAT
Lack of strong backend support along with complex real-time inventory management and consumer expectation of high speed of delivery.
  1. Delivery fleet - Maintaining and managing a group of deliveryexecutives for eachretail outlet and locality
  2. Inventory - Keep track of stock and update inventory in real time
  3. Promoters - They need to push retailers to accept orders
  4. Tech support
The absence of a reliable delivery setup (both IT & physical) tends to bring down customer reach and satisfaction.


Shadowfax devised a 2 pronged approach to create an omnichannel last miledelivery
Model around local kiranas
Approach 1

Utilising the potential of far-reaching logistics network across thousands of cities across the map, Shadowfax was able to create a process to enable affordable same-day delivery for pharma products.

Approach 2

Shadowfax integrated with pharma brands to support the streamlining of the delivery process from their centraliised fulfillment centres across multiple cities. Morning orders was delivered within a few hours and orders received late in the day could also be delivered in the same day. Shadowfax improved the pharma TAT to 2-24 hours.

The details

In addition to the above-mentioned tech-integration, Shadowfax was also able to provide pharma brands with interstate movements to increase the efficiency of end-to-end delivery and inventory management.This included inter-state and intra-state - all pharma movements of pharma brands taken care by Shadowfax's vast & reliable logistics offerings.How was Shadowfax able to pull-off this massive pharma logistics transformation?

To make the model feasible, Shadowfax did the following:
  1. Optimised for outsourced manpower models, such as pharma & postman services, where speed & accuracy are paramount with best-in-class return metrics, time minimisation, and doorstep delivery under 90 minutes.
  2. 100,000+ strong delivery fleet,100% + same day shipment attempts, 95%+ time-bound and 100% tech-enabled pharma deliveries.
  3. Through the Now Postman Delivery service that has a dedicated delivery fleet specialising in handling outsourced manpower models, Shadowfax was able to create a swift, seamless, and end-to-end logistics flow.
  4. With time minimisation, guaranteed doorstep deliveries, and 100% same day shipment attempts, Shadowfax was able to create peerless pharma logistics flow.

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