How new age internet services are reshaping consumer behaviour

How new age internet services are reshaping consumer behaviour

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It is no news that our modern-day world is becoming increasinglyfast-paced…and being consumers in this fast-paced environment, we have begun tocrave instantaneous gratification. We want what we want right here and rightnow.

Amidst this crazy pace of things, one luxury of the past generation hasbecome a vital necessity of our lives — the internet. Whether we realise it ornot, the online world has become more real than ever to every consumer withinternet access.

Want let us understand the power of the Internet!

Revealed: A day in the life of Mrs Kumar — A busy mom balancing home and work

busy mom balancing home and work


Mrs Kumar’s mornings arequick with no time to lose. She has to get her two sons ready for school. Onthe way to the school bus, her phone beeps announcing the arrival of anotification from the school — School Annual Day on 4th January. She needs toarrange for special costumes — a tough one there! She looks up for a site to buy a costume online and orders it from a popular e-commerce site.

Now that the kids are offto school, it’s time to fix breakfast for Mr.Kumar and herself. But wait,what’s this? The cereal box is almost empty! Once again the internet is at herrescue. She orders online for express grocery delivery and adds to the list somebread, milk and cheese too, just in case.

In under an hour, a Shadowfax Delivery Partner makes his way through theapartment complex and delivers the order at my doorstep with a smile on hisface.

And finally, it’s time toleave for work. Mrs.Kumar quickly books a cab online and is one her way…


In the middle of a teammeeting, her phone beeps again — a text reminder from the bank to pay the credit card dues today to avoid late-fee. Mrs.Kumar quickly opens her online banking app and clears off her dues. The internet well-fielded herlate fee penalty!

pay the credit card dues
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After a tedious day atwork, Mrs.Kumar is headed back home but there’s tremendous rush hour traffic.She realises that her cash on delivery order needs to be rescheduled.And with customer-friendly deliverycompanies like Shadowfax, reschedulingis never a problem.


Dinner is almost ready at the Kumar household. The family is sitting together watching Netflix. The doorbell rings and, it’s a well-groomed delivery personnel from Shadowfax. She recognises the brand from his orange T-shirt. It’s a cash on delivery order, but oh no! She does not have sufficient as she had forgotten to withdraw cash from the ATM. The delivery person assures that it is not a problem and he helps her pay via UPI by scanning the QR code in the Shadowfax App on his phone. And voila! The package is successfully delivered without any hassles. Again the power of the internet and a thoughtful feature by an innovative company saves the day.

The Kumars are done with their dinner. It’s weekend tomorrow. So the kids pester the mother for some ice cream for dessert. Mrs. Kumar orders it online. The kids are getting restless so she tracks the order on the food delivery app. It’s late in the evening but she does not feel worried about a stranger coming for delivery because she interacts with people from this reliable brand throughout the day. Every delivery person from Shadowfax visits her home in a uniform, is polite; whether its food, grocery, medicines or e-com delivery, they never intrude her privacy. The company takes customer security and safety very seriously. So much so that they have this feature to mask customer phone number to ensure that customer privacy is never compromised. Within 30 minutes, the ice cream is delivered — Every time, on time these guys in their smart orange shirts.


The kids are tucked in bed.The Kumars are eager to surprise the kids with a vacation during the wintervacation. Both of them get engrossed checking online the best deals for a beach destination.

Various travel sites have amultitude of offers. Mr Kumar finds a really exciting and budget-friendlypackage for 4. He understands the terms and conditions and with a final click,the vacation is arranged for. All this from the comfort of his bedroom. That’sinternet for the urban world.

Someone’s at the dooragain. Mrs.Kumar is surprised ‘Who can itbe now?’

Mr Kumar seems elated atthe odd arrival. He had received an SMS earlier in the day notifying that hisbook is out for delivery. “It’s that newbestseller I wanted to read. Glad it’s here on time. These delivery guys surelykeep their promises and deliver on time, every time.”

Shadowfax delivers on time
Shadowfax delivers on time every time

Like the Kumars, there aremillions of families in India for whom the internet has become an essentialpart of their lives and its uses are not just limited to chatting and postingon Social Media. There’s immense competition among technology platforms andbrands to gain customer loyalty and at the same time run a profitable business. In order to stay in thegame and move ahead, it is critical to understand and fulfil the unsaid needsof the customer, focus on efficiencyand speed, be innovative, empathise with the ground fleet anduphold the ideals of integrity.

Driven by these values,Shadowfax aims to enable commerce byempowering lives for everyone, everywhere and is vigorously getting closerto its mission to ‘build the fastest andmost reliable logistics network by empowering a million micro-entrepreneurs throughtechnology to deliver anything, anywhere.’

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