Innovations In Technology

Percona Toolkit — An all around solution to all of your MySQL troubles.
Generally when we do clean-up activities like data purging or moving, writing SQL queries is going to be costly and very time consuming. That is where Percona Toolkit comes in handy.
Making Shadowfax Android App 40% faster
Every millisecond counts when it comes to mobile app performance. The faster your app loads, the more likely users are to stick around.
Leap Hackathon: Where Ideas Meet Innovation
The Leap Hackathon powered by Shadowfax and FarEye sought to create a platform for problem solvers and innovators in the industry. The theme of innovate to create delivery delight was tackled by 470+ teams through challenging problem statements. The winners’ solutions balanced creativity, innovation, and implementation and wowed the jury and viewers alike.
VerneMQ — A scalable alternative to Mosquitto for MQTT Messages
Open-source MQTT broker to relay the communications from our devices to the server. While Mosquitto is an easy-to-setup and lightweight broker, we started finding some limitations in it as we started to scale beyond 15k daily active publishers.
Protecting Customer Privacy with “Call Masking Technology”
Call masking is an innovative e-commerce technique that protects the privacy of people when they communicate with delivery partners of various services. It was developed as a solution to maintain a somewhat respectable discretion for everyone when business-customer (B2C) interactions became an everyday, necessary occurrence.
Geo-fencing: A Smart Intuitive Technology for efficient Fleet Management
Geo-fencing is a virtual perimeter — defined by a geographical area — which uses GPS technology to track objects. A device sends alerts to notify the user when an object enters/exits the said “defined area.”
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