Protecting Customer Privacy with “Call Masking Technology”

Protecting Customer Privacy with “Call Masking Technology”

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Every day, you call a lot of new people; be it your food delivery person, your cab driver, or your package delivery partners, and so on. These are important calls that you cannot do without; and in a world where our dependence on ‘on-demand’ services is only growing in popularity, these calls will remain a necessity for smooth transactions.

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But how comfortable would you be if every stranger you called had your private number just because you dialed them once? Certainly not comfortable at all, right? This is where call masking can act as a safety net.

What is Call Masking?

Call masking is an innovative e-commerce technique that protects the privacy of people when they communicate with delivery partners of various services. It was developed as a solution to maintain a somewhat respectable discretion for everyone when business-customer (B2C) interactions became an everyday, necessary occurrence.

How Does it Work?

Let’s say you are waiting for your last-mile delivery partner to bring you an important package. And more often than not, the delivery partner gets a little confused about where is your delivery location. A clarity call, therefore, becomes necessary here. Call masking, in this case, hides your number with a temporary system number. Even if you call the delivery partner, the latter will not be able to see your personal number. This works both ways, with the partner being able to protect their private information too. This way, you can both focus on communicating clearly without being concerned about the privacy of their contact details.

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The advantages of call masking helped improve several areas of logistics that were not possible before.

What are the Advantages of Call Masking?

Call masking is an incredibly helpful technology for businesses and customers to interact with each other, and right off the bat, we saw applications that helped secure them:

  • Customer and Partner Details Privacy

Call masking immediately improved the reliability of communication that was missing earlier. In today’s world, privacy is a critical need, and this technology has helped achieve it. Once a transaction is completed, the temporarily masked numbers are re-assigned, so there is no way for unauthorized individuals to reconnect. Call masking eliminates the chances of someone’s personal details being misused/exploited.

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  • Reducing Fake Delivery Remarks by Delivery Partners

Call masking allows the system to monitor the conversations non-intrusively to ensure cordial interactions and high standards of service. A log of call records is maintained to cross-check and verify if delivery partners reached out to customers or not. Such essential monitoring not only increases the reliability of the service but also negates confusion due to occasional misunderstanding. Fake delivery remarks have, in the past, gone unnoticed due to the lack of secure, monitored channels. Call masking is that ‘compliance-encouraging’ tool that keeps delivery partners in check.

Security and Logistics with Shadowfax

Integrating our business telephony systems with the innovative call masking technology was a step in the right direction for our logistics solutions. Our dedication towards improving the experience for both our customers and our delivery partners has helped us accentuate the security of our delivery services.

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“We serve more than 2 Lakh orders on a daily basis and with call masking, we are now able to protect the privacy of each and every customer. Our clients also get full assurance on genuine delivery attempts as a side benefit!”. -Rohit Gupta, VP — Business Development & Strategy.

So be it a hyperlocal delivery, a next day delivery, or even a same-day delivery, you are assured of a reliable last-mile system that protects your privacy. With us, it’s all about technology, innovation, and exploring new ideas. Check us out here and see how we improve the customer experience for all your deliveries!

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