Geo-fencing: A Smart Intuitive Technology for efficient Fleet Management

Geo-fencing: A Smart Intuitive Technology for efficient Fleet Management

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The moment you hear the term “Geo-fencing,” you probably visualize an invisible fence, right? Well, you’re not completely wrong. Loosely translated, geo-fencing is a virtual perimeter — defined by a geographical area — which uses GPS technology to track objects. A device sends alerts to notify the user when an object enters/exits the said “defined area.”

Geo-fencing is shaping and enabling the future of diverse industries — including the ever-expanding logistics sector. But before we get into the details, here’s an encouraging fact that will put things into perspective: According to research, the location-based services market is projected to touch $39.87 billion by 2019. Clearly, geo-fencing is here to stay. And if that’s not enough, consider these first-hand examples of how businesses today are leveraging the benefits of this futuristic technology:

  • Restaurants/Super Markets
    When someone enters a predefined geo-fenced area, the restaurant/supermarket can send the person a push notification or an SMS relating to current offers/deals enticing them to visit the restaurant (sometimes it works even if the customer isn’t hungry!).
  • Automatic heat/air conditioning by Honeywell
    The company has innovated a thermostat which uses geo-fencing technology to set barriers in a room. Using a signal, it understands whether someone is in the room or not. Based on this data, the system turns on or off — helping enhance user experience and save power at the same time!
  • Uber
    Uber takes the geo-fencing technology up by several notches. It tracks the number of cars in the geo-fenced area of the rider using GPS while also sending push notifications when you’re not using the app (this feature comes into play if you agree to have your location services turned on). Once you enter their specified area, they’ll send you a push notification to drive sales.

Now that we have our facts in place, let’s understand the top-5 advantages of this all-powerful technology that’s expediting growth, sales, and customer smiles all the way:

Top-5 Advantages of using Geo-fencing technology

1. Eliminate Shifting Sands of Delayed Delivery with “Shift Monitoring”

For an e-commerce logistics company dealing in hyperlocal delivery services, one area is of paramount importance: the delivery partners. You could have the best resources and delivery equipment at your disposal, but if you can’t track the partners, you’ll roll off the tracks pretty quickly. This is where Shadowfax’ app is making a breakthrough. The organization can easily follow the delivery partner on the ground and see the ongoing progress in real-time. Additionally, they can also monitor their shifts with enhanced transparency. That’s not all. It auto allocates work based on current active orders, available partners, and partner location.

2. Get Ahead of the Game with Instant “Fraud Detection”

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Another key challenge the logistic sector faces is ongoing cases of fraud. To counter this, geo-fencing helps secure the assets more effectively. You’ll be surprised to know that by implementing strategic geo-fencing capabilities, you can:

  • Track the carrier and the assets in real-time.
  • Instantly detect and correct any mishaps, breaches, or damages that materialize in the “geo-fenced area”.
  • Diverse errors can be taken care of — From delayed entry and slow movement to missing assets or miscalculated deliveries.

3. Kick into High Gear with “Order Clubbing”

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The Shadowfax app also comes with a unique feature: order clubbing. Essentially, you can club the orders as per location, time, day and fast-track the delivery. This ensures that the platform takes orders only when a delivery executive is available for completing a delivery within 30-60 minutes of order placement — thereby reducing customer cancellations to only 0.5%. After all, we understand that a customer that’s left waiting will soon be seen dating other business providers — ones that can stand up to their rising expectations.

4. Cost-Effective Technology, Priceless Benefits

Geo-fencing can be easily integrated into iOS and Android platforms. This ensures a hassle-free implementation for businesses and individuals alike. Simply put, our pocket-friendly technology works on mobiles phones using GPS technology — much like any other tracking app. Additionally, we can leverage maximum efficiency in terms of the costs, and management efforts involved. How you may ask? By engaging low number of delivery partners who provide us with the maximum output — a favorable situation for all.

5. Leverage On-Point, On-Time Delivery with Superior Planning

The ability to track your delivery partner and the carrier helps you stay ahead of the delivery game — quite literally. How so? Basically by bridging the information gap relating to the operation and by enhancing the productivity in the supply chain process. Key areas the Shadowfax’ app helps address include:

  • Regular updation of data relating to a delivery partner, goods, or even consumer to ensure an error-free and seamless delivery.
  • Real-time engagement between the partner and carrier providing insights into significant information such as:

- Distance traversed/remaining
- Perceived stop points and ETA

- Trip duration and carrier speed

Closing Thoughts

Sure, speed and delivery go hand-in-hand. But, at Shadowfax, there’s another factor that is determining the success of on-time delivery: real-time tracking. Over the last 4 years, we have completed 100 million orders with agility and professionalism at the forefront.

So if you’re looking for a partner that ensures smooth-sailing delivery services at breakneck speed, feel free to reach us at

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