Life at Shadowfax: Delivering a Great Place to Work

Life at Shadowfax: Delivering a Great Place to Work

Team Shadowfax

Work takes a significant amount of your time and energy. So, it’s paramount that the company you work for also works to keep you happy and engaged while allowing you to fulfill your personal and professional goals. We at Shadowfax believe in creating a happy and collaborative work environment. One that makes you want to get up from bed, hit the workplace and never have Monday blues ever again. And here’s how we do it!

What Makes Us Different?

The company handles 500,000 unique orders per day for over 200 clients across 500+ cities, providing a modular set of e-commerce technologies and logistics solutions to cover 7000 pin codes. All of this has been made possible by the ownership work culture at Shadowfax. The spirit of entrepreneurship is embedded into the way we work allowing us to foster a collaborative work environment that is highly empowering. 

We have always looked for and welcomed professionals who value autonomy and are passionate about turning ideas into reality, with maximum speed and minimum supervision. We take pride in our employees, a tribe of open and honest problem solvers. This is why we recruit people who exhibit critical thinking skills, diligence, and resilience. 

That is how we built India’s largest crowdsourced logistics company in just 4 years and became one of the biggest logistics partners for ecommerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and Bigbasket. Shadowfax is the only B2B platform providing outsourced logistics services to the O2O segment.

Our Culture is What Defines Us

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Our core values – customer centricity, innovation, empathy, and integrity – are what drive us to perform our best every single day.. They are essential to execute our strategy and ensure a work environment that supports the employee to conveniently achieve the company's objective. It drives employees to new levels of productivity, helping them achieve individual as well as the company’s goals. Our values build confidence in our customers as well as shareholders that forms the basis of long and fruitful relationships.

We value our employees and respect their point of view. The work culture at Shadowfax is to listen, empathise and act. We care for the Shadowfax family, share information openly, broadly & deliberately, challenge the status quo, strive for excellence, respect the individual irrespective of differences or disagreement, take ownership and get things done. 

The Shadowfax cultural experience begins the very day you join. New hires get to meet Shadowfax’s CEO in their first month of joining during the HR Townhall and other senior team leaders during one on one video meets. All off-roll employees go through day one onboarding and orientation through our Regional HR Business Partners and are trained by our Learning and Development trainers on the first day before they meet their respective managers.

To understand the pulse of employees, we conduct regular employee engagement surveys, one-on-one interactions, team meetings, and use AI enabled interactive tools for frequent short surveys. Understanding the pulse of our employees gives us an advantage wherein we can provide solutions to issues in a proactive manner.

Happy employees make happy customers! This underlying belief drives the organization to follow employee best practices. For instance, Shadowfax follows flexible working hours. This gives employees the freedom to work according to their feasible time.

More Than Just a Place to Work

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Along with providing a stimulating work environment, we take an active interest in organising motivational and engagement activities that add excitement and variety to your life at Shadowfax.

Friday Fun: Every Friday, we encourage all employees to partake in interesting activities like inter group competitions, tax saving plans, quiz, and fun/quirky games to promote team building. There would be various talks to facilitate an open discussion on technology, leadership skills, and personal growth.

Sports: Shadowfax understands the importance of sports in promoting a healthy mind and body relationship. Pre-booked sports grounds, for sports like Badminton and Football, are made available for employees to enjoy.

Socials: We arrange Sundowners every Friday evening with our core team where we host market leaders who share their experience over food and beverages. There are monthly, quarterly, and yearly engagement activities too. You might as well be having coffee with the CEO.

Throughout the year, we do several online celebrations with all employees coming together on Zoom. Recently, we celebrated our annual day online with inhouse talent activities, a motivational session with Ashish Vidyarthi, stand up comedy, and live band performances. We also had a grand award ceremony where employees were appreciated for their invaluable contribution towards the growth of Shadowfax.

Empowering Women at Every Level

Two Women Using Laptop For Working

Shadowfax as an organization believes in equal opportunities for men and women. We encourage gender diversity and practice it not only at the corporate level, but also with our delivery teams on the ground. There is a separate sanitation system implemented for women at our Distribution Centres (DC) for making their work experience better. 

We have implemented a sanitary pad dispensing machine at each female washroom. There is also a weekly meeting organised between the HR and Ops head and the female workforce to understand their issues and resolve them, if any. The male to female ratio at our DCs is 9:1 and we are constantly working towards increasing the number of women in the organisation.

We understand that being a woman and handling work on period days can be a real challenge and, hence, we have introduced Period Leaves. This gives women time to take some rest from the everyday hustle during that time of the month. Shadowfax understands the needs of women and what they go through, and strives to create a workplace where these needs are addressed.

Work, Life and Finding Balance

We measure performance on the basis of impact, results generated, and decorum maintained, not hours spent by employees on their desk. We use Slack on our mobiles so that we can respond to urgent questions, even if we’re not on our desks. We also allow our employees to work from wherever they want, if they have an internet connection. To keep the communication intact and information flow to the various functions seamless, we have an everyday stand-up in the morning to share updates.

To ensure work-life balance, we encourage employees to take periodic time off and to take leaves before the year ends so that they spend time with their family and friends to rejuvenate. This has helped our employees unwind, enjoy quality time with their family, and also stay productive during work hours to meet and exceed client expectations.

Growth at Shadowfax is Inevitable

Shadowfax Delivery Riders

In mere 4 years, Shadowfax has managed to capture more than half (60% to be precise) the market share in the outsourced food delivery market with an annualized revenue run rate of US$60 MN currently. This growth has been made possible because of the extraordinary employees at Shadowfax. They grew with the company and for the company, enjoyed challenges, and were obsessed with finding disruptive solutions. 


The career progression and growth is very rapid as it depends on the performance of the employee in handling their role and responsibilities. Employees are given the opportunity to rotate their job with Internal Job Postings (IJP). Any new job vacancy, before being opened to the market, is opened to employees to provide an opportunity to apply for the job. This encourages our employees to give their best and hop on to the next position.


Another career growth opportunity is the off-role to on-role program. At Shadowfax, we give opportunities to off-role employees to get on to on-roll positions. This is a highly successful program which recognises the abilities of the employees and gives them a push in their career based on their performance.


Shadowfax cares about the growth of our employees and, therefore, we also conduct various learning and development programs, Manager Certificate Programs, Campus to Corporate Programs, Train the Trainer, and several other process related trainings on the ground. These trainings are specifically designed to build future leaders into the system.

Shadowfax: A Place Where You Matter

We follow a flat hierarchy and our open door policy lets every employee speak about their experience, ideas, issues, and grievances without reservations. The HR department works hard to create a safe space for employees to speak up without fearing judgement or repercussions. This has led to the development of trust within employees that they are being heard. They are being understood. They are taken seriously and, most importantly, appropriate action is being taken to resolve their issues. 

In addition to this, there are routine feedback surveys that are taken very seriously. Employees performing well are encouraged through an efficient reward and recognition program. When you are recognised for your hard work, your motivation increases many folds. You are more passionate and are able to work with high spirits. Ultimately, making Shadowfax a place where you would love to work.

If you are looking to be part of our adventures and fun filled journey, come join us!

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