Prepare for the Peak Season in the Logistics Sector

Prepare for the Peak Season in the Logistics Sector

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The peak season is here!

This is a time of festivities, excitement, and huge shopping discounts. People throng the websites of online retailers in search of good quality products at affordable prices.

No wonder most industries sell over 35–40% of their stock during this time. In fact, during the peak season, e-commerce giants like Flipkart with their ‘Big Billion Day’ offers clock the sale of at least a million products.

The sheer magnitude of the sales being driven throughout the country can be seen from the data compiled by Livemint:

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These numbers are simply mind-boggling!

However, this is also the occasion when the logistics sector finds itself grossly understaffed and overworked. The peak season brings complexities, for which they have to be well prepared. They have to redesign their strategies and reorient their policies if they want to stay ahead of the competition and keep their revenue stream intact.

This is precisely what Shadowfax aims to accomplish.

Owing to our presence in over 120 cities and a client base of about 2000 merchants, we understand how important it is to make quick and efficient deliveries. To deal with the peak season rush, here’s what we do.

Increasing Capacity

We have undertaken a massive hiring process of delivery agents to expand both, our reach and access. With 500+ commercial vehicles, and over 7000 delivery partners tirelessly handling more than 1,00,000 transactions every day, the time taken for the products to reach your doorstep is even lesser.

Imparting Training

We have ensured that our staff is well-equipped and adequately trained to handle the huge requirements which arise during the peak season. The training includes enabling the personnel to meet delivery deadlines and yet maintain product safety. We also equip our staff with soft skills so that the customers can have a pleasant interactive experience.

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Providing Special Incentives

Our riders are the life and blood of the entire logistics ecosystem. To help them deal with the peak season, we have started providing them with special incentives. The delivery personnel have flexible working hours and get recurring bonuses for every last-mile delivery made. This ensures that despite the rush, their work quality does not suffer.

Starting Delivery Centres

To further augment reach and efficiency, we have opened multiple delivery centers covering a plethora of cities. These centers don’t just help lessen the response time but they also provide a hub for reverse logistics. If there is any discrepancy in your product, someone from a delivery center can quickly reach you for a quality check and even instant refunds!

Scaling Technology

In order to handle the peak season exigency, we have consistently been scaling our technology. This has enabled us to swiftly optimise the routes, keep a track of the products efficiently, and yet make the entire supply chain completely transparent to the customers and personnel.

With each passing day, Shadowfax is making large strides in the logistics sector. In fact, as part of the peak season requirement of a big e-commerce company, we are making 1 lac deliveries with a rider efficiency of over 50 orders per day.

Our experience goes on to show that being well-equipped for the peak season helps logistics companies connect with and satisfy their customers.

After all, turning peak season complexities into year-long opportunities is what we strive for.

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