How Shadowfax is Solving the Problem of Grocery Deliveries in India?

How Shadowfax is Solving the Problem of Grocery Deliveries in India?

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Increasingly, consumers are embracing the “Door-Step” delivery mechanism for anything and everything under the sun. At this point, it may come in handy to know that online grocery delivery service is one of the fastest growing segments and is projected to reach INR 100 billion INR in terms of revenues over the next three years according to CRISIL. Additionally, studies at Wharton show that Indians typically spend 50% of their income on groceries.

Now, it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to put the math and common sense together: Getting into the business of online grocery delivery can prove to be your smartest bet yet!

And pioneering the online delivery model is Shadowfax, India’s leader in the online-2-offline (O-2-O) logistics segment. In essence, Shadowfax is India’s first ever logistics gateway for businesses.

So let’s understand how this hyper-local, last-mile logistics partner is solving the issue of online grocery delivery in a vast, diverse market such as India.

Shadowfax’s Grocery Delivery Model: Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

Shadowfax operates on a plug-and-play format, offering an on-demand delivery service platform to its customers (read small businesses or micro-entrepreneurs and suppliers).

One of the biggest concerns with the online grocery delivery services model is the ever-widening information gap that causes roadblocks throughout the delivery process.

Hence, the company has come up with a single IoT platform that embraces 4 key capabilities to leverage speed and scale without compromising on quality, namely:

1. Harnessing the Power of Mobile Technology for Greater Mobility

We, at Shadowfax, boast 100% mobile-enabled deliveries. This helps bridge communication gaps and enables faster delivery by bringing down last-mile delivery from weeks to same-day deliveries today — again, a huge advantage for the groceries domain as this leads to reduced losses, financially and product-wise.

2. Increased Focus on High Ground Delivery Services

Our focus has always been on ensuring efficiency and scalability — at the same time. This has been achieved by leveraging a crowd-sourced network of micro-entrepreneurs and by managing a large fleet of delivery vehicles operated by trained professionals. This ensures quality and speedy delivery for every order placed.

3. People-oriented, Pay-Per-Delivery Model

The backbone of any logistics business is its people or the delivery partner in this case. This holds true for a segment that is needs-based, that’s essential, and one that witnesses high number of orders on a daily level: in short, the grocery segment. The company has created an app for its riders which offers a “Pay-per-Delivery” model ensuring the riders are paid well and on-time. That’s not all. Riders can also choose their time slots, thereby enjoying greater flexibility. All these add-ons ensure a team of happy delivery personnel, and by extension, happier customers!

Shadowfax is Here to Stay — Beyond a Shadow of Doubt!

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Shadowfax’s futuristic platform currently delivers 1,00,000+ orders a day, having an overwhelming presence across 120+ cities. Over time, the company’s grocery delivery services have become synonymous with three words: fast, safe, and reliable.

If you wish to know more about our venture, visit our website and get in touch or leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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