A work culture that brings the best out of you- Shadowfax!

A work culture that brings the best out of you- Shadowfax!

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A platform to learn and grow in order to achieve your maximum potential⁠ — that is exactly the kind of work culture that exists at Shadowfax, India’s largest crowd-sourced B2B last mile delivery services platform. We pride ourselves of our open work culture where there is free communication between teams, frequent town halls, and regular anonymous feedback sessions with the CEO and top leadership.

A study by Forbes found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. As we embark on a phase of rapid growth, Shadowfax is the kind of workplace where everyone functions seamlessly and is committed to the overall goals of the company. So we take employee satisfaction as seriously as client satisfaction!

Let’s take a look at the steps that we’ve taken to make sure our employees stay happy at Shadowfax.

Hiring Quality

While we ensure that we go out of the way to keep our employees happy, the onus is definitely on finding the smartest, most highly-skilled people to help the company grow in leaps and bounds.

Shadowfax has hired more than 30 candidates from the top institutes across India as Technology, Management, and Business Analysts. This list includes the IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, BITS Goa, NMIMS, Christ University, Jain University, and JIMS.

Our campus recruits are hired after a rigorous hiring process which separates the best from the rest. After they join, the new recruits go through an interesting mix of training from our subject matter experts and live project work. This inculcates a ‘sink or swim’ mentality that helps them get off to a flying start to their career at Shadowfax.

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“Shadowfax offers a unique blend of opportunities across multiple domains and projects for campus hires to work on. Applying analytical skills on real-life problems and finding innovative solutions provides for the faster and more holistic growth process.” — Sarthak Patnaik

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Here’s what some of our recent joiners had to say about choosing Shadowfax-

“For me, learning new things have always been important. Here at Shadowfax, I get to work on a multitude of projects which provides a steep learning curve and helps me develop the required domain skills.” -Amandeep Sahu, IIT Guwahati Graduate

“Working here at Shadowfax provides me with ample opportunity to build upon my skills. The Work culture here fosters a feeling that everyone is on the same side and is easily approachable. Shadowfax allows you to provide new ideas, work on them, and thus to learn and improve.” -Khushee Chodhary, IIT Delhi

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My experience with Shadowfax has been an enriching one. Every day there is something new to learn. The work culture pushes me to move out of my comfort zone and try new things. Ideas are encouraged here — I think this is one of the best things about Shadowfax.” -Jasleen Arora, NMIMS, Bangalore

This company is anything but boring! Right from the interview process to onboarding, every step filled me with a sense of excitement. Once I started work, it became clear that I will have to let go of stereotypes about Start-ups and rise up to the innovating challenges to bring out the best in me.” -Sripad Barua, Christ University, Bangalore

Open Work Culture

Shadowfax has a very open office space where the management is easily approachable and everyone is free to exchange ideas and opinions. In order for the entire team to be aware of the big picture, we have a quarterly business update which includes critical information pertaining to revenue, client acquisitions, employee benefits and much more. This report is shared with everyone on the floor.

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“The greatest asset of a company is its people. Being a start-up, we encourage our resources to create a culture which encourages innovation, where people feel free to share ideas, opinions, and criticisms. Our open work culture makes sure that everyone gets great opportunities and can create a meaningful impact in their work.” — Amresh Anjan

We are also using technology to collect feedback so that the information that we gather remains anonymous and secure. One of our top programs is the Shadowfax Premier League. The League helps us recognize the achievements of the ground team and reward stand-out employees. Shadowfax also has dedicated cross-functional problem-solving teams who brainstorm and execute solutions for the benefit of the whole organization.

Skill Development

Another area that we like to focus on is skill development. The 2018 Workforce Learning Report by LinkedIn found that 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. Understanding this desire to learn and improve while they work, Shadowfax provides its people with time-to-time skill development training.

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So whether you’re looking to improve soft skills such as communication, or take the next step in your career by learning a better skill, Shadowfax is prepared to accommodate your needs and support you along every step of the way. We also encourage inter-team movement, which helps you gain the multi-discipline exposure. Many of our employees have moved teams and discovered a brand new passion that has completely altered their career graph for the better.

A Cool Workplace

What does a combination of all of the above get you? One of the coolest places to do your job. Just think about it! A bunch of the smartest, most driven young professionals in the country thrown into an open platform for fun, learning, and growth.

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Shadowfax even has a pool table in the office, so employees can easily unwind! We also conduct regular fun events such as Sports Day and cricket, badminton and football tournaments so that you’re always playing, even while you work. Our workplace is more than just the couches and nice furniture, it’s about employees coming together in the best of circumstances and working in a place where they feel at home. To know more, visit our career page and see for yourself.

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