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We have been recognized as a Great Place to Work (GPTW) and we are ecstatic as this is a rare feat for a venture-funded high-growth company. Founded in 2015, by IIT Delhi alumni the delivery partner-based platform facilitates 1 Mn delivery per day. With 100k Daily active partners spanning across 600 cities of India, it has emerged as a category leader in outsourced last-mile delivery.

Today the company has grown by 4x and employs more than 5000 people- ensuring a delightful last-mile delivery experience for leading consumer platforms across the country. Not only this, but Shadowfax is also one of the highest-rated venture-funded organizations on Glassdoor. As of Jan 2022, Shadowfax was rated at 4.5/5 on Glassdoor consistently for more than 12 months.

So, what makes a young organization like ours grow 100% YoY and emerge as a leader in employee experience?

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Let’s dig into capabilities that makes Shadowfax unique and a great place to work

Focus on People

& Culture at Shadowfax

Shadowfax is essentially a human-cloud company with capabilities in crowdsourcing. Hiring highly skilled and motivated talent is paramount to us for building a thriving culture. As a part of our people strategy, we hire talent from leading colleges, including, and not limited to IITs, ISB, DU, NMIMS, NITIE and others. Our team comprises industry veterans who have scaled organizations such as FK, Myntra, Oyo and Ola. In addition, over the years we have attracted management consultants from leading firms such as BCG, Bain and ATK. But delivering delightful experiences is not limited to hiring quality talent. It also requires building a sustainable business trust in people and creating a conducive work environment. The policies and the fundamentals of the entire organization are designed to have atop-down impact.

abhishek bansal
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We strongly believe in creating a happy work environment for people. Happiness is contagious, and only a happy employee delivers a happy customer experience. People spend the majority of their lives at work, and the benefits and opportunities that come along with them can make all the difference in how someone goes from subsisting to flourishing.

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Abhishek Bansal
- Co-founder & CEO


on innovations

We bring leaders from diverse backgrounds to drive innovation and first principle thinking. Our business model is one of its kind and is built from the first principle needs of the market i.e., bringing our services closer to the customers.

vaibhav khandelwal
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Building an environment that allows people to share point of view, question the existing ideas & allowing them to present new ideas, actually helped us deliver a unique value proposition for our clients.

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Vaibhav Khandelwal
- Co-founder & CTO

Be on the

long term

At Shadowfax, we believe in building a sustainable career for team members. A key hiring criteria for talent is the proven record of delivering sustainable growth and long-term contribution in their respective careers. Our leadership team averages 4 years of experience.

Additionally, 30% of the management team has been with the organization for more than five years. Our employee proposition is - Work at Shadowfax to see beyond the present and think of solving future challenges.

To build a sustainable business, we have created a learning environment in our organization where employees are encouraged to learn and upskill.


is the only constant

Shadowfax’s core business model is based on providing multiple earning opportunities across categories to delivery partners.

This business is propagated right to the top, where all categories and business leaders frequently switch between categories and understand last-mile nuances. Here we constantly bridge the difference of working across different categories and make it simpler for any delivery partner to start earning money instantly.

Today 50% of our network works for more than one type of delivery in a month, radically improving their earnings.

Extra Curricular Activities

and community building

We believe having prospective employees with a keen interest in sports or prior selection at the national level are given particular preference by HR during shortlisting processes. Currently, our team has prior state and national level players of more than eight different sports.

Shadowfax has football, badminton, cricket clubs with quarterly and yearly tournament sunder the “ShaOlympics.” This has very recently even started for the delivery partners during the post-pandemic. Each metro has its cricket teams which are bifurcated on cluster level. At Shadowfax, the net marketing budget was zilch for the first five years of the journey, and the entire growth was driven byword-of-mouth marketing and trust-building at the grass-root level. This has been one of the key drivers for the low CAC even today in business.

praharsh chandra
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The culture at Shadowfax is one of dedication, innovation, and commitment. Everyone works together to build a trusted community and recognizes any challenges along the way as opportunities to grow. What an inspiring place to work!

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Praharsh Chandra
- Co-founder & COO


and impact oriented work

Shadowfax has a 25% ratio of females to males, the best-in-class diversity in the last-mile delivery category. We also provide a healthy, prosperous and inclusive work environment for the LGBTQ community and people with special abilities. We strongly believe in creating a diverse & inclusive work culture to promote new thinking & innovation.

The Innovation Teams at Shadowfax have been involved in various community development work and played vital roles in helping people impacted by the pandemic.

Empathy and Integrity

Empathy towards customers and delivery partners drive the ultimate pillars for success. Customer centricity is core to Shadowfax’s growth differentiation and a pivotal right to win in the last mile industry. Teams always love to work when decision-making and progress are not built by personal preference or bureaucratic systems.

It’s a flat hierarchy, and founders are highly approachable for brainstorming and working together with leaders. The intense comradery between the founding team also help new leaders quickly merge into company culture and the new way of thinking.

tanushree ray
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A culture of high performance, fast-paced innovation, where everyone's ideas are appreciated and collaboratively debated, requires considerable patience, openness, and vulnerability. Especially with the easily accessible leadership advice and a passionate team with the same goal, has enabled us as a team to provide outstanding results for our customers

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Tanushree Ray
- Head of HR

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