Team Shadowfax Being Happy And Giving A Thumbs Up

Meet  Shadowfax Newest Founding Members

Seven years ago, Shadowfax was just an idea - the seeds of which were sowed, nurtured with the unwavering dedication of a leadership rank that still gets its hands in the proverbial mud to ensure continuous and consistent growth along with the well-being of all our partners through the pyramid.

As we continue to revolutionise the 3rd party logistics ecosystem through our tech-first, customer-centric approach, being one of India’s largest hyperlocal crowdsourced logistics platform; getting to this position was hardly an easy ride.

This is a much-deserved salute to our founding team. Recognizing the unmatched efforts and contributions of those who’ve stood by Shadowfax through thick and thin since the beginning of our journey, we are elevating them to a “Founding Members". Find below few stories of their incredible journey at Shadowfax:
Shadow Delivery Rider
We were handling Dominos and went to Chandigarh to meet with their regional head. Much to our surprise, he had invited his entire team while we were expecting a casual chat. My colleague and I ended up giving an impromptu presentation which became a successful pitch.

To this day, Dominos remains our client. The way Shadowfax welcomes presence of mind, spontaneity, innovation, and quick decision-making is one of the reasons I love working with the team here.
Avnindra Thakur
VP - Strategy, Process & Analytics
Avnindra is an IIT Kanpur graduate and began at Pick n Go, which was later acquired by Shadowfax. While he served in the supply side of the operations initially, he moved to take control of business operations. Every week, he personally makes at least one delivery to a customer to understand the challenges, concerns, queries, and feedback and ensure that the customer experience is improved further. Avnindra has worked with Bosch prior to Pick n Go and Shadowfax. The seasoned professional enjoys playing badminton and watching movies when he’s not busy overseeing Shadowfax’s operations.
Ashish knew Vaibhav Khandelwal (Co-Founder and CTO) and Abhishek (Co-Founder and CEO) from college and joined the company in August 2015 when it launched in Mumbai. Working out of coffee shops like Café Coffee Day and Starbucks while setting up the company, Ashish is proud of the journey, both for himself and Shadowfax. A people person, he believes in perseverance and consistency. An avid reader, he enjoys reading political history and ensures he reads every day. Ashish is also a fitness enthusiast who plays cricket and football and swims regularly.
Shadowfax Team Member
We have come a long way. One of the things I cherish is gaining McDonald's as a client. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Moving from the consultant life to a logistics startup was completely new and definitely a great learning curve for me. The team has been incredibly supportive and has simply reiterated my belief that with the right guidance, anyone can achieve anything.
Ashish Kumar Singh
Head - Hyperlocal Growth division
Shadowfax Employee
Shadowfax maintains a singular focus on building a sustainable business with the right value propositions. I believe that it’s the correct way to approach a business and will help the company prevail in the long run amid the growing crowd in the logistics space. I think joining Shadowfax has been a life-changing decision for me.
Ankit Singhal
VP - Finance
Ankit joined Shadowfax in September 2015 when the founding members were teeming with ideas. Ankit has seen Shadowfax evolve and grow and is delighted to be a significant part of the journey. Having joined as the Bangalore City Head, Ankit went on to focus on Sales & Business Development side of hyperlocal business, and then to a financial role. He also built the Bangalore operations of the platform from scratch, an exciting time for him where he had to take on multiple roles initially.
The Vice President - Critical logistics at Shadowfax, Rahul’s journey with the logistics platform began when it was incepted in 2015. An IIT Delhi alumnus, Rahul began his stint at Shadowfax in the Procurement division. He then went on to e-commerce, new business, and finally into Shadowfax Connect where he spear heads the department. An analytical and strategic thinker, Rahul has had several memorable experiences at the company and looks forward to more exciting times that lie ahead.
Shadowfax Employee
I have been with Shadowfax since the very beginning when the company was not even registered. There’s a personal bonding with every single member of the team. During the food delivery boom, I decided to personally deliver someone’s food and get their feedback. While delivering, I spoke to the customer about his experience and told him I had passed out of IIT Delhi. That day, I got tipped Rs 100 for a food delivery!
Rahul Kumar
VP - Critical logistics
Shadowfax employee sitting on chair
Being a part of the Shadowfax journey is one of my most significant achievements. The entire experience has been filled with learning and growth. Having started small, the kind of growth the company has achieved now is incredible. The kind of support and help the team members offer each other help the organisation continue growing without any hassles and have one of the best work cultures.
Sarthak Patnaik
AVP - Product
Sarthak joined us in August 2017. He has been a part of key initiatives at the company and has even headed a few of them. He believes that a company’s path to success will always be a process of helping each other within the team to grow. He strongly advocates for sustainability, innovation, and long-term strategies to ensure continued growth and success. A BITS Pilani Goa graduate and IIM Kozhikode pass out, Sarthak comes with over 9 years of experience and has worked with Bajaj Auto and Flipkart.
Ankit is an IIT Delhi alumnus. As one of the first employees of Shadowfax, this is the only company Ankit has worked at. Over his 7-year journey, he has gone from an operations analyst to a business finance manager and, Director of Strategy, Planning & Analytics, and finally to his current designation. A neutral, level-headed professional, he approaches problems calmly, an attribute that has helped him grow and build a reputation that things can get done when he is around.
Shadowfax employee holding laptop
My time at Shadowfax has taught me many things. One of the greatest learning is that everything is possible with hard work. When a client asks me if something can be done, the answer would always be yes because when I, as a fresher, could take on multiple roles and head a team today, anything can be possible.
Ankit Choudhary
Director - Data Engineering
Shadowfax Exployee
Disruption is one word we like to use to define Shadowfax. It has changed the face of logistics in India for the better with each passing year. The mentorship and support that the team offers are incredible. They always push you to do better, become a better version of the professional you are now, and think outside the box. You learn something new each day, and get to expand your horizons. There’s no looking back!
Akash Bansal
Director of Strategy
Akash has donned multiple hats since he joined Shadowfax in 2015. The 6th member of the Shadowfax team, he has been in operations, sales & marketing, and technical roles. Having commenced work immediately after joining the company, Akash is an IIT Delhi graduate, and a true strategic thinker focused on growth and sustainability and analysing how decisions might impact the company. A Japanese Manga fan, Akash regularly takes snippets from those stories and has implemented them in his business and life decisions.
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