Shadowfax: Building India’s Most Trusted Partner Network

Shadowfax: Building India’s Most Trusted Partner Network

Team Shadowfax

If you have ever had a parcel delivered for you, you are definitely familiar with the anxiety till you get the final delivery notification. In the e-commerce sector, one of the most critical factors in business is to find a good delivery service partner who can fulfill the last mile delivery with ease and efficiency. Managing your deliveries are often thought of as a task and not the convenience it truly is; if this is true for you, Shadowfax is a company you need to familiarise yourself with.

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Good delivery service providers are vital to the logistics ecosystem. Shadowfax aims to be the go-to service provider for all your delivery needs across the country. You may have come across a happy-faced Shadowfax Delivery Partner as we are already the preferred delivery service provider for several popular brands such as Swiggy, Flipkart, and Big Basket. We have been consistently making a mark in the delivery services sector with our ease of operations and rapidly growing partner network across India.

Delivery Dream Team

Shadowfax is trusted with over 2.0 lakh deliveries in a day, and behind these numbers lies a goal to ensure that your goods lie in trusted hands. We have a stringent document-verified background check to make sure that everyone on our team is someone you can personally trust. After clearing the background check, Shadowfax invests in the training of its delivery partners via Gurukul training sessions on our app. Holistic training on process, policy, customer service and soft skills is provided to ensure that the team lives up to your expectations of professionalism.

To maintain quality of service, we regularly audit our delivery partners so that each of our partners are proficient in handling goods as critical as pharmaceuticals, high valued electronics, fragile shipments and more.

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Shadowfax invests in rigorous quality check and it has led to low rates of shipment lost (only 0.03%) and low fraud rates. In the rare case of a delay, you no longer need to track a misplaced parcel via countless emails, phone calls, and text messages as you can always count on Shadowfax to revert to your queries within 24 hours, ensuring a hassle-free pleasant experience.

Shadowfax’ Staff Support

Shadowfax understands that if you take care of your team, they will take care of you. With over 5.3 billion people worldwide working in postal services, there’re high chance of missing or misplaced shipments. This is where Shadowfax makes a difference! It prioritises the holistic training of over 50,000 partners in its network to ensure that we are the best in what we do — Deliver right! A rider who joins Shadowfax’s network of delivery partners stays with us because of our regulated bi-weekly/monthly reimbursement program. What’s more, there are also rewards for referrals, which supplement the delivery partners’ income, motivating them to stay with us.

Regular partner huddles ensure a safe space for the team to informally air out any grievances that they may have. Even though the pay is on a delivery-to-delivery basis, Shadowfax ensures that if a partner gets a low number of orders, she/he receives a basic fixed payout. We at Shadowfax, support our fleet in times of emergency with the help of a support fund built by the corporate employees. A monthly contribution by the corporate employees is kept aside to assist the riders in case of any mishaps. This is an added benefit alongside our regular insurance program that shows how much we value the well-being of our delivery partners.

Why Shadowfax?

Shadowfax has developed a simple-to-use application. Both clients and delivery partners can benefit from the app, which has features like

GPS enabled-real time tracking of orders for customers

  • Document & background verified partners
  • An automated escalation system for mismanaged orders
  • Call masking, to ensure the privacy of the customers' contact details
  • Incorporation of geofencing technology, to instantly detect and fix any glitch that may occur during a delivery
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“We understand the importance of reliable and fast delivery for our customers. A great last-mile delivery experience can improve your customer retention and accelerate user growth. This is why we invest heavily in training our delivery partners and building technologies that ensure that your deliveries happen on time, every time. You can trust us with your deliveries to amplify your customer experience. We deliver on our promise.” — Archisman Das, VP-Product

Our intuitive app, coupled with a dedicated delivery team, ensures that Shadowfax can reliably deliver your parcels at highly competitive rates. Efficient delivery and economical rates, matched with a trusted delivery partner make Shadowfax your best bet for your delivery requirements.

The trust placed in us by our clients and investors has pushed us forward towards innovation and better logistics solutions. Our most valued asset is our people; keeping this in mind we have created a massive network of dedicated delivery partners who are putting their best foot forward and delivering their best every day.

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