Run Shadowfax, Show us the Meaning of Haste

Run Shadowfax, Show us the Meaning of Haste

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Team Shadowfax

At Shadowfax, we believe in making sure that we are helping our people maintain a good work-life balance. Lately, we started noticing that our teammates are trying to adopt a more active lifestyle and choosing all kind of fitness options. We realised that it might just be the perfect time to start a sports league.

The stage was set at DHI Sports Center at Bannerghatta Road. Thanks to Ranjith, Imran and Dhareppa for taking care of everything to make this event a success.

The team at Shadowfax stepped in the arena to test their mettle against each other in football and basketball. As it turns out, the players are huge fans of superheroes. They divided themselves into two teams, Avengers and Justice League (JL). Sumit led Avengers while Ankit captained Justice League.

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In Football, Justice League won 3–2, after trailing 1–2 at the end of first half. Funnily enough, Rahul was seen trying to hug the ball when he was supposed to keep the goal for Avengers. JL maintained their domination in basketball as well, winning 9–4.

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Team sports that are played outdoors are wonderful in more ways than one. Not only is it fun to play with our friends, everyone feels that these help improve performance at work. As a group, an organisation, we realised that we have some really talented players on our team.


Jack Nicholson’s ode to this wonderful proverb made it very clear to us that we will make work and fun seamless at Shadowfax. We believe in the power of team sports to help us form new bonds and find new ways to cooperate with people. Going forward, we look forward to participating in corporate competitions, and organise more such sports leagues in the future.

About Shadowfax

Shadowfax is India’s largest crowdsourced delivery platform with presence in 70+ cities across India and 7000+ daily active delivery personnel. Haste is the most important value to us when we are shipping food, grocery, medicines and ecommerce goods everyday. At Shadowfax, we respect the spirit of competition when in the market, while building a collaborative culture within the company. We like to work hard, and party harder. We are looking for product managers, analysts and software developers. Check out the positions if you would like to join, Shadowfax careers

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