Increased productivity through cross-utilization of riders

Increased productivity through cross-utilization of riders

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Shadowfax crowdsourced delivery platform significantly exceeds the industry retention rate with a best-in-class retention of 95% month on month. One of the big reasons we have managed this is by ensuring our riders are as productive as possible, resulting in greater earnings for them each day they stick with us.

“We have achieved this by allowing our riders to work across categories and not be tied down by the vagaries of any single category. This has the additional benefit of maximizing their daily earnings while reducing the cost per order,” says Abhishek Sharma, Head of Strategy & Partnerships at Shadowfax.

Our vast delivery profile puts us in a unique position to allow our riders to service a vertical based on the volumes at the moment. No other operator can achieve this as they operate predominantly in one among food, grocery or e-com verticals. While cross-utilization can occur across any two verticals, we see most value from Food: Grocery, Food: 4PL, Grocery: 4PL and Ecom: Food. This is because these verticals complement each other in terms of volumes. For example, food volume is high on the weekends and starts going down by Mondays whereas e-com dips on weekends but the volumes rise by almost 50% on Mondays.

“We employ two types of cross-utilization: riders working for 2 verticals on same day or riders working for 2 verticals within the same week. We are proud to say that Shadowfax has been the first one in the country to experiment a model like this and the results have been astonishing. The earnings of a rider working on cross-utilization model is 25% higher than a normal rider and attrition rates among these riders is less than 1%,” said Ankit Singal, Financial Planning & Analysis Head at Shadowfax.

Further, this helps removing the inefficiencies in system bringing the cost to the customer down by 15%. The riders also get exposed to different verticals and help bring best practices from one to the other.

We are currently running a pilot program with some of our clients specifically on this cross-utilization model and they are willing to create a green corridor at their hubs for us prioritizing Shadowfax based on the capabilities displayed. This model has also made it possible for us to soon be’s priority partner for their Amazon prime deliveries (same day deliveries / next day deliveries).

About Shadowfax

Shadowfax is India’s largest crowdsourced delivery platform with presence in 70+ cities across India and 7000+ daily active delivery personnel. Shadowfax’s unique app enables delivery of food, grocery, pharmacy and e-commerce for businesses and helps them create customer delight using technology. With relentless focus on engineering pleasant experiences for the customers, Shadowfax envisions to become the most desirable and trustworthy delivery platform for customers.

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Shadowfax is India's Fastest Growing End-to-End Logistics provider that provides e-commerce, hyper-local, on-demand delivery solutions for businesses for seamless business operations and dynamic growth.

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