Impact of Express Delivery Services on E-Commerce Sales

Impact of Express Delivery Services on E-Commerce Sales

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In today’s fast-paced world, we need everything “right this second” — irrespective of the fact that the product in question might be on the other side of the earth. From instant noodles to lightning fast internet speed, we are constantly moving towards a culture of instant gratification. And the latest sector to enter life in the fast lane (pun not intended) is E-Commerce.

In the last couple of years, retailers have understood the importance of delivering products/services that imbibe speed and quality in equal measure. Simply put, retailers have realized that speedy delivery is to E-commerce sales what vision is to eyes — absolutely essential.

This is where Shadowfax’s connect services and your E-commerce sales can become “fast friends”.

Let’s understand how our express delivery service can impact and drive sales while offering customers seamless shopping experience.

How E-Commerce Sales can Fast-track Happiness with Express Delivery Services?

#Sky Rocketing Traffic & Profits

Interestingly, 61 percent customers don’t mind paying extra for “same-day” deliveries. A good example to quote would be the services offered by Amazon Prime, Big Basket, among others. Naturally, by offering add-on services like 1-day delivery service, E-commerce giants can get a head start on the competition and in turn, enjoy an increased traffic on their platform — be it an app or their website.

#Happier Customers Thanks to the Promise of Quick Delivery

According to Invespro, around 49 percent of shoppers prefer shopping online due to the concept of “same-day deliveries.” And when it comes to shopping Intercity, “next day delivery” services can act as the biggest catch as it promises one of the most treasured assets by customers — “convenience”.

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Irrefutable proof lies in our numbers: At Shadowfax, we execute 20,000+ Intercity shipments on a daily basis and have experienced 25% higher order conversions for next-day delivery. Need we say more?

#Increased Brand Loyalty as a Result of a Seamless Customer Experience

It is one thing to deliver products/services quickly but the trick lies in doing so before time (as often as possible) and that too, reliably, securely, and professionally.

Enter our three key services:

Forward Logistics (for same and next-day deliveries),

Air Connections (for next-day deliveries in 25+ cities), and

Surface (for delivery in 70+ cities at optimized costs).

Through combined efficiencies of our delivery partner network and our logistics infrastructure in place, we make every virtual order that’s placed a rapid reality.

The result?

Customers tend to trust our services and keep coming back for more due to a sense of satisfaction they feel with every delivery. This is where E-Commerce websites can capture a larger market, share and enjoy positive publicity in the process — dual pillars that form the basis of a strong marketing foundation.

#Setting a High Bar with Lower Costs

Hiring a company that specializes in express delivery services can translate to huge savings — literally (by way of competitive shipping costs) and figuratively (by way of reduced stress and headaches due to the elimination of handling logistics).

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What’s more, you can pass these savings to your customer who naturally will be more than happy. This will also help build a loyal customer base. Additionally, managing sales for E-Commerce companies by itself can prove to be a Herculean task, and if you add handling logistics to the mix, it’ll only slow down efficiency and profits.

Hence, engage with Shadowfax’s extensive logistics network and minimize losses. In our experience, we have witnessed a >40% conversion of COD orders into pre-paid orders — thereby, ensuring every order sees the light of day and customers don’t get a chance to cancel it before delivery. Plus, over time, we have seen 60% lesser cancellations for next-day delivery orders.

#Enjoy a First-Mover’s Advantage with Shadowfax’s Air Connect Services

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Air cargo is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of transportation as it assures quick deliveries. Capitalizing on this, we offer three-fold advantages to businesses, namely:

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So, if you’re looking for a new-age logistics solutions company that’s quick on the uptake for everything that’s express delivery related, visit our website or leave comments in the section below.

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