How Shadowfax Celebrates the Working Class Heroes of Gig Economy

How Shadowfax Celebrates the Working Class Heroes of Gig Economy

Team Shadowfax

A lot has changed in the 100 years or so that have since transpired. We have moved from the days of the Industrial revolution to an internet revolution that is now sweeping across the world.

It makes sense to consider how the dynamics around May Day play out in this new on-demand economy, also known as the gig economy.

Shadowfax is a leading on-demand player focussed on the instant logistics sector. The sector is largely unorganised and engages a considerable number of working class people.

Each year on Labor day, we take note of our commitment towards creating decent work opportunities in the sector.

Shadowfax provides a flexible and open platform for anyone and everyone to work as per their convenience. When they choose to do so, Shadowfax commits to provide a secure and rewarding opportunity for everyone, including women.

Recently on our third anniversary, we made changes to ensure greater freedom and autonomy for our delivery partners. Every delivery partner can now choose the kind of deliveries they want to make and the kind of vehicle they are comfortable driving.

He or she can even move across cities and still continue to work with Shadowfax in the new hub. A lot of delivery partners need to move cities for personal or family-related reasons. We believe in involving our delivery partners for the long term. A delivery partner can choose to plug themselves in, anytime they like, even after long breaks.

Shadowfax gifts a new experience to its delivery partners on 3rd anniversary

We are announcing the 3rd phase of local deliveries, something no one else has tried in India before

We were able to design this new system because of a couple of interventions we made earlier. Last year, we noticed a big slack in productivity of our delivery partners during off-peak hours of operation. This meant that they were spending time on the road, not making deliveries and losing income. If they put in diligent work, our delivery partners stand to make as much as Rs. 50,000 in any given month.

We started encouraging our partners to pick up deliveries across categories. While cross-utilization can occur across any two verticals, we see most value from Food: Grocery, Food: 4PL, Grocery: 4PL and Ecom: Food. This is because these verticals complement each other in terms of volumes.

Increased productivity through cross-utilization of riders

Shadowfax crowdsourced delivery platform significantly exceeds the industry retention rate with a best-in-class…

When starting Shadowfax, our core belief was to use technology to solve problems in the instant logistics sector. Not only is technology helping our management team in making such interventions as above, it is also generating tangible monetary returns for the delivery partners.

Case in point: Bharat Borate, a delivery partner in Thane whom we interviewed last week on his experience. He is consistently making more than Rs. 25,000 every month working normal hours with Shadowfax.

Shadowfax makes You Money, Always.

We reached out to the people who’ve made Shadowfax successful, on our 3rd anniversary, with questions about their…

Bharat is not alone. Last year, Jamuna completed 1100 orders in the month of September and took home close to Rs. 45,000 in a single month. For a single mother of a 17 year old, such an opportunity means that she can put her son to a private school and ensure a bright future for the young lad.

Fostering empowerment: Woman rider ranks in top 3 nationwide among 5000+ delivery partners

Our aim at Shadowfax has been to challenge stereotypes and help empower women. Even in a male dominated industry like…

A culture built around trust is responsible for the success we have enjoyed in building this high performing delivery network. Shadowfax has an attrition rate as low as 7.5%. Also, 20% of active delivery partners in any given month are new peer referrals. Such facts further make us confident that trust and integrity go a long way in building a successful, sustainable business.

Enabling trust at scale: How Shadowfax built a delivery network that is reliable, safe and fast

Engineering trust: At Shadowfax, the trust our customers place in us is a direct reflection of the trust we have…

For future, our mission is to connect 1 Million Delivery Partners with small and large businesses around the country. When we are successful, we’ll transform an entire industry prone to the daily uncertainties and create income opportunities for our delivery partners to reliably depend upon.

It inspires us to see young men and women make money with us in their free time.

On International Workers Day in 2018, we are introducing a surge program related to peer referrals. Based on the demand, delivery partners can earn up to 10x the bonus they used to earn for referring delivery partners.

Besides, we frequently run campaigns like ‘Go to Goa’ and ‘Earn a bike’, that reward partners who refer maximum number of peers to the network.

With such rewards, we hope to continue turning our delivery partners into working class heroes that they deserve to be.

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