4 Reasons Why You Should Offer Same Day Deliveries

4 Reasons Why You Should Offer Same Day Deliveries

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What do your customers love about your business — is it the quality of your products, or the personal rapport your people build with the customers?

There is one more reason you can give them to love you back — same day deliveries.

How’s that?

There are many reasons why customers love and want instant deliveries. While that may be a topic for another day, there is an important take away for you.

Delighting your customers with instant deliveries can bring in repeat sales and referrals, which help the business grow. Your product can be the lemonade for the lemons that life throws at your customers. This is why it is important to make your products available when your customers need them.

We know that metaphor isn’t enough for you to make a decision. This is why we have put together four compelling reasons for you here.

Reason #1: Customers are moving online faster than you think 🏃💨

To satisfy the generation that craves for instant gratification, ‘instant’ is the word you want to chase! Same-day deliveries help you keep your customers loyal to your brand even after they move online.

This is not hearsay, it actually happened with Fortis.

Fortis realised that its competitors like 1Mg were luring customers with online orders. It saw its retail traffic fall. Fortis wanted the revenues to go back up. At the same time, the company also wanted to reach areas where they didn’t have retail stores.

Since partnering with Shadowfax 2 years ago, Fortis is now delivering 700 orders every day.

Reason #2: The first mover can steal market share 😈😈

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People in Bengaluru have seen this play out over the last decade or so.

Iyengar Bakery — the Englishman inspired bakery chain has a history that dates back to the 1800s. The bakery business was thriving until 2005. This is the year when new confectionaries entered the market and offered home deliveries to the customers.

Customers preferred to order from other confectionaries, despite the fact that Iyengar Bakery was lauded for its quality products. After all, the confectionaries offered home delivery. Sales and profits at Iyengar Bakery plummeted.

The bakery later realised that people didn’t like to step in stores as often anymore and e-commerce is the need of the hour. In 2016, Iyengar’s products were available online and attracted 500 customers in the first two months.

While Iyengar was able to endure the competition and make a comeback, young businesses should rather, go on the offense. Same-day deliveries are crucial to protect and increase your market share.

Reason #3: Same Day Deliveries Unlock Cash from Inventory 💸💸

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Let’s say you run a general store like in the image. Let’s further say that you also sell spices that your customers absolutely love. It’s immaterial, but sure if you like it that much ;)

Now, in a trading business, it is important for you to turn over inventory fast. The faster your products sell, the faster you can purchase more products to sell from the same physical retail space.

With same day deliveries, you can reach a larger audience. You can sell products not only to the people arriving at your store, but also people living nearby.

This means you sell more products and turn more inventory into cash. You can ship products immediately and thereby reduce the cost and liabilities associated with managing inventory.

Reason #4: Same day deliveries can increase your conversion rates

Let’s consider a small boutique in Navi Mumbai. Let’s name it ‘Panache’.

The boutique has suave designs that its customers love in SoBo. However, as is common in fashion, Panache’s customers often want to “try before they buy”.

With same day deliveries, Panache can send a customer’s favorite designs at her home to help her make a decision.

This gave the boutique an edge over other clothing brands. Panache’s customers adore that the boutique went out of its way to care for its customers and help them make a purchase they’d not regret.

Come to think of it, it was not as difficult for Panache to offer this service to their customers

How can YOU start doing it too?

Same-day deliveries has its fair share of challenges. Whether you are busy building a young business, or running a mature consumer brand, we know that you don’t WANT one more thing to take care of.

This is why Shadowfax offers to take care of instant deliveries for you.

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Our merchant partners are able to leverage Shadowfax’s technology and a network of 30,000+ delivery partners. Shadowfax’s platform plans routes, assigns drivers and tracks the deliveries for you.

Whether you are a Pharmacy, a gourmet baker, a niche boutique, or a General store — Shadowfax can cover instant deliveries for you. Simply go to the website and start offering instant deliveries within minutes.

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