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Direct to consumer brands are growing at a fast pace as it has become easier for brands to connect directly with their customers and more consumers prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer's website. It is estimated that Direct-to-Consumer brands will have an addressable opportunity of $100 Bn by 2025. As traditional and new age brands in the D2C sector have partnered with 3PLs to serve their eCommerce logistics and supply chain need here is a case study to give you a view into how successfully Shadowfax E2E is managing the D2C operations for one of its leading clients bringing in success to the brand Direct to Consumer offering. How our D2C services allowed our client to have total control on their inventory management and movement, and at the same time a greater capacity to prolong this positioning without friction throughout its journey.

This case study highlights how Shadowfax was instrumental in achieving the end objective of expansion of a partner's nascent D2C business using the Rapid E2E service.

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The report will cover our expertise in


Benefits of Mutli tenant Warehousing

location track

Swift and secure tech integration for monitoring and tracking

same day delivery

Same day and next day deliveries

Mutli category

Mutli-category management


SLA Adherence

Ecommerce sectors covered in RSLI

Biz Talk with Aniket Nathvani, AVP Sales & Business Development

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d2c casestudy

Enhancing Customer Delight with D2C Model

Q2 FY 21 | December 2020

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