Top four last-mile delivery trends to stay ahead in 2020

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A report published by Capgemini Research in 2017 indicated that superior last-mile experience is responsible for higher customer engagement and retention, and 75% of customers don’t mind paying extra for better delivery services. A subsequent report in 2019 adds that 55% of shoppers would switch to a competitor if it offers faster service, which means improving your last-mile delivery experience will automatically give you an edge over the competition.

But what constitutes a superior last-mile delivery experience, you may wonder?

Well, at the top of the list, we have one single most important factor — delivery speed. According to a PwC Survey, consumers want fast delivery and are ready to pay for same-day or faster deliveries. However, in addition to speed, customers also demand accuracy and professionalism from your last-mile delivery partners. Yes, over half of your customers may stop buying from you after two or three late or incorrect deliveries, reports Voxware.

Get the Competitive Edge in 2020 by Revamping Your Last-Mile Deliveries

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Long shipping times, lack of visibility into the shipping process, high shipping costs, order cancellations — all these things can bring down your customer experience and force your customers to abandon your ship and move to competitors with reliable and more-transparent last-mile delivery systems.

But you don’t want that, do you?

Here are some last-mile delivery trends to satisfy your customers and stay ahead of the curve:

1. Use of Smart Tech for Tracking

Think about it — what is your biggest pain point when you order a product online? Whether it would reach you in time or not?

That’s why providing your customers with real-time visibility into the shipping process is one of the first things you must do to elevate your last-mile delivery experience. With the use of advanced technology like the Internet of Things and smart sensors, consumers and clients can both be made aware of the location of shipments via SMS alerts and email notifications regarding every step of the process.

2. Intelligent Parcel Allocation

With the use of AI, logistics companies can enable smart allocation of shipments to save time and expedite last-mile deliveries. Such software uses precise geographical data and real-time traffic information to allocate shipments in a logical order to your last-mile delivery partners, ensuring maximum work in minimal time.

As the system is automated, you no longer need a person to map routes and allocate work, as technology will process these functions for you, saving time and also minimizing human error.

3. In-App UPI Integration for Doorstep Payments

You excitedly open the door to see a delivery partner with your precious package. However, your smile quickly fades away as you realise you have no cash at home to pay for it. What are your options? You may refuse delivery or ask your neighbors for money — but what if you could pay for your COD order digitally? As a customer-centric start-up, Shadowfax enables this feature for the convenience of its last-mile customers. A QR scanning feature in its delivery app lets you make instant payments for COD shipments via UPI by scanning a barcode, instantly at your doorstep.

4. Demand Supply Optimisation

Intelligent route planning is the crux of a successful and efficient last-mile delivery system. Innovative young companies understand the importance of the demand-supply equation in harnessing efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customer delight simultaneously in last-mile delivery. Shadowfax uses a robust, AI-based route planning software that analyses a vast amount of historical data to map the demand and supply in various areas and generate fresh delivery slots every week that our last-mile delivery partners can opt for.

This enables the last-mile delivery partners to choose areas they are most familiar with and also pick up as many slots as they can service, giving them enough flexibility in their routine and also an option to maximize their earnings. On our part, we get the services of a highly motivated team and also make the supply chain more cost-effective for our clients by introducing variable rates on different routes according to demand.

Ace Last-Mile Deliveries to Transform Your E-Commerce Business

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The last-mile for e-commerce businesses is often the shortest yet trickiest part of the supply chain. However, with so many core areas to focus on, the challenges of last-mile delivery usually take a backseat, affecting your customer experience adversely. At Shadowfax, we continuously focus on mastering the art of last-mile delivery logistics and partner with businesses of all sizes and scale to help them compete on a level footing with e-commerce giants in terms of logistics, deliveries, and returns.

Get in touch to know more about our innovative solutions and create a quick and seamless supply-chain for your customers to deliver delight every time.

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